Sunday, 23 November 2014


Trying to atone for cooking  failures, this morning my grandson and I made bolognese sauce. I have not tasted it should  but it should be quite a good brew, and should provide my daughter and family with a few meals. They need to acquire some plastic containers in order to freeze it.  We enjoy cooking together.

My poor daughter's mouth and tongue are very sore and sensitive, and will take some time to heal.  Her partner has been, and is, splendid.

Apart from some tidying, the cooking (of variable quality, thanks to the oven being, well, how shall I put it? Unreliable and unsatisfactory. Making bolognese sauce is much more satisfactory. I have pulled out some weeds, gone to the shops for provisions a few times, helped collect my grandchildren after school, albeit getting lost the first day, but have not done a great deal, except try and give comfort and support.

It is my grandson's 13th birthday tomorrow, but it has not been possible to shop for him, so the present is cash.

The children had spell -a- thons this week, so I spent some time hearing their spelling. I made them spell every word several times, and we laughed a lot. They both got full scores, so they, and all the adults, especially me, feel pretty damn well pleased with our efforts. Just as well spellathon was not on the list if words. The children had to spell it for me!

Apart from the caring for my daughter and family, I had the enormous pleasure of recontacting a friend. We were at school together for the whole twelve years, our parents were friends too. What with my having moved so far away, we gradually lost regular contact  but I telephoned her, and I met her and her husband for dinner. What a good night it was. It was as though the intervening years had vanished, and the essential love and glow of our friendship shines strongly. What joy.


Elephant's Child said...

Love that you have rediscovered/rekindled a friendship.

Comfort and support trump anything else you could have done as well. I hope your poor daughter's healing continues and that her poor mouth settles down.

Relatively Retiring said...

I do hope your daughter continues to heal, and that everyone will enjoy the Bolognese-based meals.