Friday, 21 November 2014

Corporate works of mercy

Now that is an expression not commonly heard now, but which was common parlance when I was growing up. I am  in Melbourne, spending most of my time with my second daughter, the racing photographer. She had a tumour in her tongue removed just before I left for my overseas trip, and is now completing the radiotherapy treatment. She finishes tomorrow, and then will recover gradually.

Radiotherapy is not much fun, especially around your head. The hospital staff seem excellent and are doing their best and everything possible to minimise and alleviate all the side effects. It will take my daughter some time to bounce back.  Her partner is caring for her and the children very lovingly and effectively, and it is good to see her in a such a good relationship, so different from the one she left behind some years ago. Her sister has been making soup and providing food for all and has been a great support.  Their father is here too and lots of relations.  Her friends have been great too. But my heart is sore. Watching family endure such things is difficult.

I made a cake yesterday but have a nasty suspicion I used plain flour instead of self raising.  Must try harder, and have another go. Finding things in other people's kitchen is not easy. My grandson turns 13 on Monday, which is the day I fly home.

 It is interesting being in Victoria, which feels very different from Sydney. There is a state election in another week, which may result in a change of government. I am not familiar enough with the politics of the State to make any prediction. The main Melbourne paper is so much better than Sydney's, and gives are far more extensive and thoughtful coverage of events.


Elephant's Child said...

My heart goes out to your daughter - and to you. Watching the people we love suffer is heart-hurting.

Pam said...

Oh, so sorry. I hope she recovers completely, and soon.