Sunday, 30 November 2014

At the cinema and other musings

The other day  I went to see the film My Old Lady. It was well reviewed, but wrongly.  In my view it was pretentious crap. Do not bother going to see it. At least I did not have to pay for it, as I had a complimentary ticket.

Much more enjoyable was watching the state election in Victoria. The Australian Labor Party won. It was for me a most enjoyable night. The New South Wales paper this morning did not see fit to give sny report of the election until Page 9, and then a fairly cursory report. The wonders of a federal system mean you do not have to take sny notice of most of the rest of the country. Unless, of course, it concerns sport. The papers have been far more concerned over the death of a very good cricketer, who was struck  on the head or neck by a very fast ball. 

Now I do find this a tragic event, but cannot help thinking that in a game where the object is to bowl a very hard ball as fast and threateningly as possible, then the possibility of a batsman being injured must be quite high. And it makes me think of the Bodyline bowling in the past where the whole idea was to aim the ball, bowled with as much speed as was possible, in a way that was extremely dangerous to the batsman. And here we are again.

I regret to admit that I am not very trendy. Carve my name with  Pride.  My type of person is doomed. Evolution will ensure that I, and others like me, are doomed to extinction. But in the meantime, I am chortling with glee because the seemingly inevitable demise of me, and others of my ilk, may perhaps be deferred for some little time.



Elephant's Child said...

There was another cricket death (in Israel) a few days later. Nooooo publicity.
I was thrilled to see a one-term Government in Victoria, and hope (so much) that we follow suit nationally.

Frances said...

Don't be too sure that people like you are doomed, Idle persiflage. Every now and then I find that my daughter is using my words, my techniques to her own children.
It turns out that they had more impact, more staying power than I realised.