Monday, 15 September 2014

Would you, could you in the dark?

There will be a lot of time to be whiled away. Here I sit in an airport lounge, waiting for time to elapse. It is getting dark, and I am to be seated in the middle of the plane. Nothing much to be seen in the dark.

My friends have been urging me to pack lightly and not to take too much stuff. When I checked in my suitcase, it weighed less than 14 kg, so I am astounded. My carry on luggage contains quite a lot, though.

My daughter is home from hospital, and her pathology results are good. What a load off our minds. She sounds tired, and speaking is still awkward and tiring. She is glad to be home and that her ordeal is over. My emotional soreness and worry is easing.

Having spent the days away, I did not realise that my telephone (yet again) was not working. So. I spent the last half hour before departure on the phone to get it fixed. Sure enough, there is yet another fault in the exterior line. The situation was probably not helped by the  bubbling potholes nearby, and in the middle of all the traffic chaos from the explosion, fire andcontinuing work to demolish the several buildings affected, the Water people turned up to find and fix the broken pipe. The street is no longer bubbling, so they must have managed to fix the pipe. Quite likely the water  might have seeped through the the genuinely antique pit wherein lies the wire for my telephone.

The demolition of the buildings continues. It is a slow process, with care taken in the removal of rubble and asbestos. People have left flowers to honour and remember those who were killed.  The street is not yet open, so there is a lot of detouring to be done.

Packing is a tedious business. Put it in, think some more, take it out. Make sure the documentation is all in one place. Agonise whether to take something to crochet, to while away the many hours in the air, and to prevent productivity from falling drastically. Actually I did get a lot done while sitting by my daughter's hospital bed, and actually finished a scarf, which is now available to the first claimant.

 It really is dark now, so boarding time must be approaching.

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Elephant's Child said...

Have a wonderful, wonderful holiday.
Excellent news about your daughter to start it on too.