Sunday, 14 September 2014

It has been a busy and anxious week. I was in Melbourne to be with my daughter, in hospital for surgery to remove a carcinoma on her tongue, and to help care for hrr children.

My elder daughter picked me up from the airport, and next day we went to the hospital. Her house, the hospital and my second daughter's house are far apart, so we have all spent a long time on the road. The two girls decided where I would be and when.

When we arrived at the hospital my daughter the patient had not yet been returned to the ward, so my elder daughter and I, and the partner, waited. Their father was also present.

Eventually she was brought to the ward, very woozy, and the surgeon declared himself pleased with the surgery. The pathology results should be through tomorrow. I spent a lot of time by her bedside, and did a lot of crocheting while she recovered from the anaesthetic. The following day she was improving and when I spoke to her yesterday she was doing well. Her partner and I managed the children and the diabetes, and friends and neighbours helped with getting them to and from school.
My return flight was late, so I went straight to a concert.

Tomorrow I leave for my holiday. Packing, and trying to be rational, have taken quite some time, but it is almost done. I hope it will clear my mind from all the worry, and remove some of the unpleasant reminders of the past, and what is evidently continuing hostility and incivility, even in the situation of the health of my daughter. The main thing is my daughter's health and recovery, and the welfare of her children.

In my meantime I struggle with a deplorable tendency to take much too much stuff. And to br indecisive. But I have managed to vacuum the house, and have walked around our neighborhood, which is still afflicted by road closures, and the demolition and removal of the buildings. This neighborhood is devastated by the explosion, fire and deaths of innocent people, and the effects on the community.

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Elephant's Child said...

A very busy and very anxious week. I hope your holiday is WONDERFUL.