Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Vicissitudes of life

Our little community is stunned and deeply upset by the explosion, fire and deaths from last week's disaster. The main road is blocked off, the shops cannot trade, the traffic is banked up in my street for ages, the children can get to their primary school from the rear entrance. There was a public meeting on Sunday to learn more, and to express concerns.

I was not there, as I went to Canberra to see my son and grandsons. We were very happy to see each other.  I watched the boys at their gymnastics class on Saturday. All the children and teachers were keen and enthusiastic and they all seemed to love it.  My friend, his partner and I went out for a Thai dinner, and my son, his neighbour and I had another Thai meal while the boys went to a film night put on by the gymnastics people. 

On Sunday we went to the arboretum, before I set off on my return trip. 

It was lovely. The area and all the old trees had been destroyed by the fires which swept through the Australian Capital Territory and Canberra in 2003. The government has planted more trees, which are still quite small, landscaped the site, and built a display and public area, making extensive use of timber,  and it really is quite stunning.  

I am in Melbourne now.  My photographer daughter is undergoing surgery this morning to remove a cancer in her tongue.  She asked me to come and be with her. The surgery sounds scary and unpleasant.  Surgery to the head seems more invasive and frightening than for other parts of the body. I keep reflecting on my mother's cancer, my own, and now my daughter's.  Is it genetic, or random misfortune?

I had to miss my physiotherapy appointment, to see whether the lymphoedema is better, the same, or worse, but without the fluid measurement being done, more general caution is necessary. I return home on Friday, and on Monday leave for a month in Europe, planned ages ago.

My elder daughter picked me up from the airport, and we will go to the hospital early this afternoon. I had little sleep last night, worrying about her.


molly said...

I hope your daughter's surgery goes smoothly and is not painful for her. And Bon Voyage for your trip to Europe! Take lots of pictures --- to share, of course!

Relatively Retiring said...

My best wishes for your daughter's surgery. It's good that you can be with her.
I hope your trip to Europe is very enjoyable for you.