Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Raspberry sorbet

It has been a busy day, looking after my grandchildren, while their mother, and her friend, who is also staying here, have been out working. Their hours are long. My daughter is using my car most days, and yesterday she left the car lights on all day, so that the battery was totally flat. 

The NRMA roadside service came and got the car going again, and fortunately the battery is relatively new. 

The conking out of the battery meant that all my preset radio stations disappeared, and thus tomorrow I will painfully and tediously work out how to reset them. Such procedures do not stick in my memory, more's the pity.

The children and I had a pleasant day, and we made raspberry sorbet. Some time having elapsed since the last occasion, I had to check the recipe again. Some time was frittered away looking for the pieces belonging to the ice cream making machine. Eventually I gave up - thinking I must have thrown it out. so my grandson and I poured it into a container, and went to put it into the freezer, and there was the part - sitting there frozen, ready for use. So we put in the mixture and it paddled away efficiently. 

There was a slight error in procedure. I had omitted to sieve the berry mixture, and the seeds are very noticeable. Obviously this was not good enough, so I tediously sieved all the seeds out of the semi-frozen mixture. It worked. I had a small bowl of the sorbet before going to choir, and it was delicious. By the time I got home from choir, it had all gone. 

I am so accustomed to living alone that having an extra four people in the house takes some getting used to. There are things everywhere. Lego, toys, bits and pieces that my grandson finds in the cupboards. You have to watch where you step. And there is a lot more cooking, washing and tidying up. In a fit of zeal, while the garage was vacant, I tidied and swept it, and found a few other things which should have been taken inside long since. And my grandson helped me pour some more potting mix into my planter box. It is now ready for a couple more plants, but there is not much variety in those few places around here which sell plants. some deep thought and venturing further afield is required.

And I achieved something else. I finished another blanket for the refugees. What with the lymphoedema and the constant wearing of the sleeve and glove, my productivity has fallen, as the movement in the wrist has been very restricted. The blanket is a very good looking one, and I feel very satisfied with it. Our group meets again this Friday. And while my expert photographer daughter is here, I must get her to show me clearly how to put photos in blogs and to teach me a bit more about taking photos.


Elephant's Child said...

I can't even remember how to reset the car clock. And so twice each year when daylight savings arrives or departs I have to relearn the skill.
I would love to see a photo of your refugee blanket.

Gillie said...

Me too!

Unknown said...


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