Friday, 4 April 2014

Vaguely musing about life, the universe and everything else..

It has been a busyish day, with the knitting (and crochet) group this morning. As alway, the time just flies, as we have such a good time. Usually on Fridays I do food shopping, but as I had a physiotherapy appointment this afternoon, I could not fit it in, and thus there is very little food in the house. This matters, as my daughter, her children, cat and a friend are arriving this evening, and staying for two weeks, during which I expect to be looking after the children quite a lot and also doing far more housekeeping and cooking than usual. So it would have been a good thing to have done the food shopping. However I will get to the marketing tomorrow morning, and this will supply us with bread, fruit and vegetables. I had to go out and buy a cat litter tray and some cat litter. I don't want any accidents. I lead an exciting life. I suspect that the cat, which tends to prowl around at night, will give me wakeful nights. He seems to like bolting up and down the stairs, and then perching on my window sill, watching the pesky birds on the wires.

It has been an introspective time, this last couple of weeks, which is probably natural when you live alone. And although I do a lot of things, sometimes my essentially solitary condition seeps into the soul and has an overall depressive effect. So I have not written anything, as there has been a bit of a pall hanging over me.  My activities are still rather limited, due to the lymphoedema, and the wearing of the sleeve and glove. The glove is too tight around the thumb, causing numbness, and has also made it rather sore. The physiotherapist will probably order a new sleeve after taking measurements of swelling and fluid content, but I am hoping the glove might be given the flick. Tendons are now visible below the wrist. It is a bit sad when you get excited about the appearance of tendons and veins...

The hospital rang in response to my letter - I had thought there would have been a written response. I was told that my patient records were annotated with the information about the lymphoedema, and if that is so, staff were not consulting it, or taking heed of it. The saga continues. I think I will write suggesting they reimburse me for all the medical expenses. This sort of action might encourage the staff to be rather more careful.

At least I am getting quite a a lot of reading done, and last weekend I made some quince jelly. It takes a surprising amount of time, and the aroma drifts through the house. Perhaps I will make some cumquat marmalade next.  I can't use up all the jam I make, but I give quite a lot away, and it is very satisfying to make it.

And Apologies to Molly, as I note that I used the same caption as she did on the last post. Tut, tut.


Pam said...

Sorry that you're feeling blue. At least you'll have lots of company for a while. You may be glad of the peace when they go!

Elephant's Child said...

I do hope you aren't worn down by your visitors. Particularly the cat.
Quince jelly - magical elixir. I am always amazed at the colour change, and you have reminded me it is YEARS since I have made any - or seen it.

Gillie said...

I love quince jelly, we had a tree in our house in Suffolk and mum made some, so pretty.