Sunday, 22 September 2013

Sunday in Florence

Over breakfast this morning, after a wakeful night, I ponder the day. Generally i make it up as I go along. Like I did yesterday. It had been my intention to go by bus to Fiesole, but it never happened, so perhaps today. Yesterday was a wandering day. Tkhe queues for galleries are very long, but in the late afternoon, after completing the  appointed tasks, I found myself near the Pitti Palace, and as the queue was not too daunting, got inside without much delay.

 What a wonderful place it is. I did not go to the Boboli Gardens , or other parts, only to the Palatine,, to see the painting. There are so many, up and down the walls, and not all the labels are easily legible, but the staff in the rooms know a lot about the paintings and the history of Florence and the Medici, and are happy to communicate.

 Also on the agenda was the Medici Riccardi? Chapel with the frescoes  of the procession of the magi by Bennnozzo Gozzoli and  I always go back for another look. 
While in the Oltrarno I looked at the pietra dura workshop/shop in via Guicciardini and had a lovely long conversation with the woman there.  Such exquisitely beautiful, precise and detailed decorative work. Having just visited the Pitti Palace, and seen those fabulously decorated tables, I was afire with enthusiasm.
 But it is time to set out for the day. A piu tardi.

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Elephant's Child said...

Making it up as you go along makes room for serendipity.
Have a wonderful day - full of colour and magic.