Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Goodbye to all that - for the time being.

This could be the last post for some time. On Friday I leave for a month's holiday in Italy. Notwithstanding the last minute packing decisions and the long list of things that must be done before departure, I anticipate having a very good time. Just as well.

Of course, there has been an election here, and a convincing result for those I do not vote for. Alas and woe.

My local member was returned. She is excellent. I handed out how to vote cards on her behalf, and am happy to say that no one was rude, or horrible. I do like election days. It seems to me that they are quite festive occasions, in which, by virtue of our system of compulsory voting, everyone comes out to vote. On election day we celebrate our democratic system. And so we should. We are indeed a lucky country, although I cannot look forward to the in-coming government's agenda.

The Murdoch press has been incredible hostile and unfair to the government,  with biased and unfair reporting, and distortion of issues. Many of the radio shock jocks have distorted the reality, in a way that seems to me to be deliberately corrupt. I do not know how such press power can be countered, let alone controlled. Money talks. I suppose that one cannot expect better from the type of journalism that hacked mobile phones and created false realities. There is little right of reply or capacity to correct factual inaccuracies and distortions. And blatant bias.

In between checking the papers and awaiting the latest election statistics, I work at my packing. I overpack. I consider the contingenices. and the what ifs. Then I consider the weight of the suitcase, and the number of occasions I will have to lug my suitcase up and down and in and out of railways stations.

The what-ifs are winning. The issue of which shoes to take vexes me somewhat. And should I take an umbrella? And which books, and how many? And will I be ready to catch the plane?

In between all of these dilemmas, all of which involve the minutiae of life, I have been to a podiatrist to do as much as possible for my aching and painful feet, which need all the help they can get.

There is another day, and then a morning in which to get everything done.  I hope that I will be sufficiently competent to use the new iPad effectively. At present I keep finding myself rather confused and unable to take away the number I first thought of.

Keep calm and carry on.


VioletSky said...

getting your feet in a relatively painfree state is a must before you head off for the cobbled streets and marbled floors of Italy.
have a wonderful trip!

Relatively Retiring said...

I hope you have a wonderful time. Take the umbrella and the sun cream!

Elephant's Child said...

Have a wonderful, wonderful time. And yes, getting the feet happy is a must.

Gillie said...

Have a lovely time and take lots of photographs for us!

Jayview said...
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Jayview said...

Sorry - this time with spelling checked. We now live in a country run by Rupert Murdoch, George Pell and Tony Abbott. It is too awful to contemplate. A month in Italy sounds a great idea!! Have fun. Jean

Pam said...

I do hope you have, or perhaps had, a wonderful time! You are an impressively far-ranging traveller!