Tuesday, 28 October 2014

This persiflage has been mega-idle

Feeling at least partly full of virtue, having done my Italian homework for tomorrow, I remain at the computer to see what else emerges from my brain. Although I have been back home for over a week, the jet lag has been severe, the sleep, haphazard, the energy low, the efficiency not anything to boast about, and the mind rather fuzzy.

My topic for tomorrow is the visit I made to Carrara, which has made me look at all the photographs, read what I wrote on the blog and the emails, and to recall what a great day it was.

It is, of course, good to be home, and to start retracing the steps of everyday life. My clothes are all washed and everything has been put away, and all the photographs put onto the computer. It will require hours to add all the details of what and where they are are.  As normal life takes over, details tend to recede in the memory. So I had better get a wriggle on. The growth of the garden has been rampant, so some pruning has been necessary. Aphids have multiplied and need to be exterminated.

Wild winds raced through Sydney yesterday, and my power went off for a couple of hours. There is nothing much to do when the power is off. Apparently it was far worse everywhere else. I have caught up with all the bills to be paid, gone back to choir practice, changed the bed linen, swept the floors,  crocheted even more squares for the next wrap. I need about another five or six and then they can all be joined.The next group meeting is not until Friday. Can it be finished by then? Or would it just give me RSI?

Partly I am still in travel mode, feeling it is time to be catching a train somewhere. But mostly I am getting back into the usual grooves, and working out which bills need to be paid, going to the local shops, to pay bills, buy a few groceries, and to gaze at the fences put up in the blocks which were blown up and burnt and where everything had to be demolished. Flowers and cards have been placed along the fences, and the local horror and sadness seems palpable. It makes me shudder at those who inflict violence on others, and seem oblivious, or even glad, to inflict disaster and suffering on the innocent.

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Elephant's Child said...

Mega-idle? I don't think so. You have achieved a LOT in your week home.
Be kind to yourself.