Tuesday, 14 October 2014

On the move

My hotel bill has been paid, and seemed very moderate for a pleasant room with a double bed, a walk in shower, and a spectacular view to the valley below. Despite the mistiness, it is very beautiful.
Yesterday I went to Arezzo, by bus. Apparently the train journey would have been quicker, and once I had run out of steam there was quite a long wait for the bus.
My photos all look very grey and dark, what with so much mist. The sun peeked out only briefly. The interiors of the churches are very dark. I walked up to the park, which my sister and I had done on my first visit here, and enjoyed the beautiful views and the cloudy sky. The sun came out  briefly.
I am now waiting for the little bus to take me to the station at Camucia, and from there travel by train to Rome. My hotel is within walking distance of Termini, but it will be easier to take a taxi. I am hoping that someone will help me get the suitcase onto the train. The train I cuaght here had three steps up, rather daunting.
I could swear that despite sending a parcel home, and despite exercising great restraint in buying things, the suitcase is heavier. How can this be?

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