Saturday, 11 October 2014

The bells are ringing...

But they stopped just now. Bells are everywhere, up high, and yesterday I climbed up lots of stairs to get the fabulous, though misty, view of the Tuscan landscape. It is breathtakingly beautiful. Misty in the mornings (two, so far) and from the top of the very steep hill upon which Montepulciano is built, you can see in every direction.

The city has a lovely calm and grace, as well as beauty. There are fewer churches, and a small art gallery, bell towers, and heaps of birds, which perch in holes in the bricks. I wonder whether holes were purposely msde for the  birds? There are little lanes leading from the main street, leading to panoramic views.

And the hotel is just lovely, pleasant relaxing and comfortable, and my room is large with a double bed (letto matrimoniale) and there is a separate shower. Bliss! I am much more comfortable here, and have found some people to talk too, Canadians.

There are cats everywhere, many looking very alike, perhaps quite a lot of inbreeding has gone on, although this afternoon I saw a tabby with a gingerish tinge. There are a lot of leather products, and I confess I bought a new purple handbag.

Tomorrow I leave for Cortona, and it will probably be a complicated trip. I hope less complicated than getting to Montepulciano.


ChrisB said...

Loving your great narrative. You paint a wonderful picture of each destination you visit and I am thoroughly enjoying it! Thank you x

Jayview said...

I am glad Montepulciano was good to you. I loved it when I visited in 2000, having read Ferenc Mate's The Hills of Tuscany. We also walked the little white roads to Pienza to see the Hanging Gardens. (An Aussie reader)