Friday, 17 October 2014

The last supper, the last day and thoughts and body flying off for the long haul

Thus is my last full day in Italy. I leave for the airport in the middle of the day, and the flight departs in mid afternoon. That flight will not be so bad. The second is most likely to be dire, and real time will stretch into what will feel like twice as long.

Today I hoped to go to the Janiculum, but despite making careful enquiries, I could find neither the bus stop, nor the bus. But I did do something I had never done before, and it was great. I ascended the Vittorio Emanuele monument, firstly to the balcony, and then in a lift right to the top. The lift fits only eight people, so there are long waits to ascend and descend.

Once up, you could see, in all directions, the most wonderful views, with photo information to point out what can be seen.  I stayed up there for ages. Perhaps in other cities there are such views possible, but I have really only seen views from New York. They were spectacular, but nothing to rival the views from Rome in all directions. It made me realise what a testament Rome is to the Baroque period, with amazing domes on all directions. Not to mention all the remains of ancient Rome, which are stupendous.  And when you go inside the buildings, mostly churches, with domes, you realise how amazing their envisaging and their construction was. Not to mention painting all the frescoes. Talk about occupational health and safety issues !

 Having failed to go to the Janiculum, I revisited old haunts, such as Piazza Nsvona, Santa Maria degli Angeli, and Bernini's sculpture of an elephant balancing an obelisk on its back, ( I think the obelisk is a real one) and from there the Pantheon, and then straggled my way to a bus stop, having had to work out which direction my bus was taking. By this time of day, buses are very very crowded.

 I have had my last evening meal in Rome, which was quite good, and am now sitting typing this in the hotel sitting room. There are two American women here discussing their marriage breakups and the financial settlements, the chairs are more comfortable than the one in the room, so as I write I am perforce eavesdropping on their conversation and pondering the matrimonial financial arrangements of Americans. However (like me)  they are able to travel.

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molly said...

It amazes me that people will discuss the finest details of their private lives within earshot of total strangers! When I take my car for maintenance there is usually one loudmouth in the waiting room, among others who are reading their newspapers, or working their crossword puzzles and generally minding their own business, who thinks nothing of calling someone on their cell phone and shattering the peace by having loud and vehement conversations, often sprinkled with objectionable language. Do they really think the rest of the world wants to hear it?

Glad you enjoyed your last day and that you are now winging your way home...Safe travels!