Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Who could have nicer and better stepdaughters?

Practically everyone, really.

I am still sick and seething at what was revealed to me last week. Certain measures are in progress, I hope, and material has been sent to my brother-in-law, who is my solicitor, for his consideration and advice. It is all delicate stuff, as They must not know I know.

We had another ACAT assessment yesterday, and I was able to communicate some of the problems to the team. Happens all the time, they said, and not just stepchildren. They were supportive and made some helpful suggestions. It is probably a good idea to get the carer here for an additional period so I can go out and do the shopping. And with luck and good management further respite services may be available. And there is always internet grocery shopping, I suppose.

In the meantime it is Fortress Persiflage here. I am not opening the curtains of the front room (it gets too hot now that is is warmer weather), so no one can see in. I have locked the  screen door to the front, and I have the only key. The garage door is staying closed (as most garage doors do). So Vicious cannot get in unless I let her in. And I am not going out for extended periods, and thus visits in my absence are less possible. In my view it is rude to just let yourself in, and she never rings to say she is coming. Tomorrow and Thursday mornings I go to my classes while the carer is here. She has to be able to get in and out, so I cannot lock the screen door. I will have to get another key cut, so I have a spare. Apparently the other solicitor is planning to drop in to see Dr P at some stage, having been advised as to the best time.  I would like to be home for that visit. Oh yes! I do not know how much stuff they found in Dr P's files, or on my computer, but am busy making sure that things are more secure.

Oh joy, oh bliss, SD2 will visit for a few days sometime in December. And SD4 and family will visit for a couple of days around Christmas. I won't be going anywhere, except that I might be able to take Dr P with me for a visit to friendlier places. Vicious and family will be away from late December until the end of January.

I had a talk to Dr P this morning, about his finances, his care and his possible future needs, and have taken some protective action. I don't think he understood most of it, or will remember it, but I think he certainly does understand that I care for him, look after him lovingly, and have his interests at heart. Certainly he is very loving, and understands how much he needs me.

I am not sure I can outwit or counter them, but I will be doing my level best.


Savda said...

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Pam said...

Oh dear. That all sounds awful. Poor you.

Meggie said...

I do hope you can maintain privacy and have legal safeguards about.
Having suffered a MIL from hell, I know how sick one can feel, to discover privacy has been breached.
Vicious sounds just that!