Thursday, 20 February 2014

Do this, do that!

It's the imperative. Although my class has been studying Italian for years and years and years, and we are reasonably fluent, there are various gaps in our knowledge and comprehension . Such as the correct and appropriate use of the imperative. We can, individually and collectively, become both tongue-tied and embarrassed. Our minds can go quite blank. Our expert and lively teacher, Roberto, has spent the last two lessons trying to get us to get it all right. Collectively and individually, it has been a struggle.

We finished the class by writing recipes, using both the formal and informal person. Around the class we went, with varying degrees of success. sometimes we know it in theory, but have to think carefully before grappling for the correct form of the verb. Around the desks we went, but the clock ticked over for the next class before my turn, which would have been the last one, arrived. I don't know which emotion was uppermost - relief, frustration or what.

The last tine my turn was missed, we were all translating poems from English to Italian. i had chosen Matilda, from Hilaire Belloc's Cautionary Tales. I suppose I will never know how bad, indifferent or good it was. When one is in such doubt, perhaps relief is the dominant emotion, but it is better to be corrected and try to learn to get it right. Perhaps the apex of the learning curve has been reached and it is all downhill from now on. Heavens, I hope not.

Yesterday the physiotherapist measured the afflicted limb , and said that there had been a further reduction in the amount of fluid. This was good news, as it did not seem to me to have improved, but rather that it looked worse. She measured my arm so as to have a sleeve and glove made. It is done in Germany and costs an arm and a leg. The whole thing is very tedious. However the hospital has received my letter and has referred it here and there, and the office of one of the surgeons rang, while I was out - how come these calls are always made when one is out? - to say they wanted to make an appointment to check whether there was a blockage in the vein.

Tomorrow I fly to Melbourne to attend the 'wedding' of my niece and her husband, and to see my children and grandchildren.  So tonight I am trying to be very organised in my packing so that I can take the bus and train to the airport, and not miss the plane. I hope the weather is mild. Yesterday I had intended to get to choir by bus and train, but wild weather swept through, roads were flooded, accidents happened, buses were held up, and trains suffered lengthy delayed. So it was just as well I stayed in, although I missed an excellent rehearsal.

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Elephant's Child said...

I do hope the physiotherapist is right. And, if she is, that the improvement continues.
Love your attitude to learning.
We had some wild weather here yesterday too. Three inches in three hours.
Much needed, but gentle rain would have done more good. (Give us this day our daily whinge.)