Sunday, 9 February 2014

All tied up

Life seems to have contracted to bandaging my arm and doing the massage in the blessed one hour out of 24 during which I can take the bandages off. Typing is not all that easy. My arm does seem to be less swollen, but I am sure that it will take time, and that I will require a pressure sleeve. The letter to the hospital is yet to be written. Typing is not easy, let alone accurate. The people I regularly encounter ask what has happened to me. A bandaged arm provokes attention.

Yesterday I took the bus to the produce market, and bought flowers, bread and fruit and vegetables. To me flowers are a necessity of life, once I moved to this city and could no longer grow my own. I came in for criticism of my character in my stepdaughters' affidavits for buying flowers. Real character defect, it seemed to be. Small minds.

To me plants and flowers add beauty and pleasure to life.

It is interesting working out what I can do while not being able to drive. Mostly, I walk, if necessary with my shopping trolley. Last week a friend drove me to choir, and I took a taxi home. It was not cheap, but it is a temporary expense. I do not want to have to ask for help. One of the knitting group picked me up for our meeting on Friday. I did not get much work done, as the bandaged arm makes it difficult.

I was unable to join the rest of the family who travelled to rural NSW to celebrate my older sister's golden wedding anniversary. The train journey would have been too difficult and unpleasant. I was sorry to miss out, but it was not feasible.

The garbage collection company says they will be repairing my garage wall tomorrow. I hope so. I had not been able to talk to anyone except the telephone receptionist, but I did ring the council, and was put through to the man who is responsible for the garbage collection, and he promised to contact the company. Evidently he did so, so I hope that the repairs do in fact begin tomorrow morning.

Perhaps once all this has been attended to, life will be easier.

I have been feeling rather low and hard done by. But I have seen a couple of friends, and that is always a source of pleasure. This week there will be more physiotherapy and medical appointments.


VioletSky said...

While I am fiercely independent, I don't understand this desire to not ask for help when it is needed. It's not as if you are taking advantage of people or being unreasonable, and most of us like to be helpful now and again.

I am so with you on the fresh flowers.

Elephant's Child said...

I am sorry that I have been absent during your recent trials.
Yes, yes, yes on flowers. I grow them AND I buy those I cannot grow. And yes to as much independence as possible too.

Jan said...

I hope that your latest round of appointments brings you some relief. As I said, I have seen the swelling my sister suffered from with similar causes.

Do what you can but be careful not to overdo it. Ask for help if needed. I am very independent, annoyingly so according to family, but I have learnt there are some things I simply cannot manage.

If flowers and good music help, then indulge yourself.Something special to eat perhaps which does not take much preparation. Whatever.