Saturday, 5 October 2013

Not lost, but there? But where? And back.

This morning I went out for an extensive walk to try to get my bearings. Happily, I got there and back, and did not get lost at all. At all! But i did get smitten by a migraine. Not impressed. I have not had one for quite some time, and cannot say I needed one.  Having ventured cautiously to sit up, here  I sit, posting.

When  I got ready to go to bed last night I discovered that there was no blanket on the bed, so had to go down the two flights of steep stairs to ask for one. This hotel did not give out such information aas what number to dial for reception. Sigh.

I contemplated  trying to find another hotel but it is probably too hard.  I still cannot work out the TV. Somehow nothing happens when I press the buttons. Sigh.

However I have been talking to the woman in charge, who offered tea and pills. But I had my own.

During my walk I came across an elderly man who was fishing and he showed me his catch of three tiny orate. I had orata for dinner last night, and it is  a nice fish, but mine was considerably larger than the ones he had caught.  Talking to people I encountered is very pleasant and good for my Italian, and here I preen and note that I have received many compliments. Most gratifying! It gets one out of total tourist mode.

 The weather is worse than in Cannero. It is raining softly and is quite a lot colder.  Sunshine would be lovely. There are absolutely hordes of tourists. On the Allilaguna ferry yesterday I translated. Between an American man, and an Italian woman. She told us she had been laid off from her job in a department store, owing to the fact that following its takeoveir by an Austrian firm, the manager had embezzled the money and fled the country and so far had not been found. She says inemployment here is very high, particularly amongst the young. If things are bad in tourist dominated Venice, I wonder howthe rest of the country is faring.

It s probably my civic duty to go out and stimulate the economy, possibly by starting with a respberry gelato.

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Elephant's Child said...

Your civic duty sounds marvellous.
And I hope the migraine is a thing of the past.