Monday, 7 October 2013

More of Venice

This morning, being Sunday, I went to the sung Mass at San Marco. When i got to Piazza san Marco, there was water all over it, more than enough to soak both shoes and socks. Although there were planks placed strategically to get people to San Marco, it was not possible to aboid getting feet thoroughly soaked. It was raining steadily, and the hotel provided me with an umbrella. Modt prople had opted for plastic raincoats and plastic covers for their shoes, but I strode gamely on.

San Marco is an extraordinary experience. What an amazing building. How did the Venetians manage to build this superlative masterpiece? Although I have been there before, its spendour is absolutely stunning. The church was crowded, with those who wanted to go to the sung Mass and those who wanted to look. I managed to get a seat, right on an aisle, with a direct view of the altar.  The choir was excellent, but I could not see where they were. After Mass had finished, like many others I took photos of the interior. Once outside, getting from the planks above the water level was a bit tricky. I asked a young man to give me a hand. We stretched out our hands to each other: they did not reach and so I jumped and we managed to reach each other's hand. However it did not seem possible to get across Piazza San Marco and so I wended my way around and found myself headed for   the Rialto, and hoped to get back to the Accademia. This did not work out and it took a long long time to get back to my hovel room. Naturally I got lost. Still, not as lost as the previous night when it took five pleas for help, before a kind man escorted me to the door of the hotel.  oh dear, I do wish  hadp a better sense of direction, and memory for instructions. Never mind, tonight I got back to the hotel wthout any problems.

I met my friends and we went to a lovely concert, but despite their being very familar with Venice, they too got lost and we were late for the concert. This cheered me up somewhat. Venice is not easy to find your way around.

After the concert we went back to the apartment they rent and had a pasta dinner and a good talk. Tomorrow promises to be easier, and with a due measure of concentration, studying the maps, and lucks, perhaps I might not get so lost.

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