Saturday, 12 September 2009

The last post (for a while)

Today is the departure day, and I am checking the computer while I wait for the transport to the airport. As far as one can tell, everything is organised. Yesterday I made a cake for Dr P and I have just taken out of the oven a batch of Anzac biscuits, so he can indulge his sweet tooth.

Apparently there are some people in this world who can leave their packing until the last minute, and then fling everything into a bag, and get it exactly right. I am not such a person, so it has been an arduous process, but finally the suitcase is downstairs, the carry on luggage is ready and the documents and finances all set - except that I seem to have mislaid a key card. There is a spare - just as well. Guidebooks are packed, and some fiction, not to mention the iPod for the music and the new camera and its complicated manual. Note to self - don't buy a new anything two days before departure: it is asking for trouble. My will has been updated and revised, and signed. I had to hunt down my neighbours to witness it for me. Obviously this had to be done in case the plane crashes.

My travelling companion says she is a light packer. Obviously she is going to rely on my guidebooks...

When I travel I get twitchy and nervous, and need to arrive in plenty of time. There seems to be much to panic about - will Dr P be all right in my absence and will his family take good care of him? Should I chuck out all the flowers even though they are not dead yet? Will the garden and plants be watered? Will I be able to find things when I return - from past experience the memory of everyday things gets totally displaced by the memory of the travel arrangements?

Nothing is ever totally under control, but as far as possible what should have been done has in fact been done, and soon I will be in the air anticipating the joys of travel.


Meggie said...

By now, you will have flown! I love to travel, & over the years I learnt to do it fairly last minute.
I hope you enjoy your time away.

molly said...

Relax! And have a lovely time!