Friday, 25 September 2009

From Trento

I am halfway trhough my trip to Italy and it has been so very enjoyable, albeit exhausting. We have had no disasters, and have managed the travelling by train well, get on very well together, and the itinerary is very successful. There has been little free time or internet access, but today we arrived in Trento and are staying in a very attractive hotel with a computer, which, alas in Windows. This, combined with an Italian keyboard, and my very poor typing skills, does not make for efficient use of a computer and I miss my iMac.

So far we have been to Rome, Florence and Ferrara and are now in Trento, a small and busy little city with a large student population. It is very beautiful. we have walked around it to get our bearings and tomorrow intend to visit the historic places thoroughly. This is where the Council of Trent met, over about twenty years. Surprisngly we have seen lots of young babies and children, which makes me wonder whether the Italian birth rate is rising. Lots of African pedlars, even this far north, and even someone selling Peruvian clothing.

The fashionable colour this season is purple and the clothes here are very very stylish. I did some shopping in Florence, and from now on am abstaining from all temptation, except for a particular Italian peppermint, which is to die for. Afer looking for it unsuccesfuuly elsewhere I now find it is available in supermarkets.

Naturally I hace taken lots of photos, which in all probability no one but me will ever look at. I bought new camera, but forgot to take the battery charger with me. I managed to get it charged in Florence and then again in Trento.

As this computer is about to disconnect me, that is all for now. Ciao a tutti.


molly said...

Oh we will look at your photos and drool! Delighted your trip is going so well....

Meggie said...

Yes please, we look forward to your photos. Glad you are having such a great time.

Zenom said...

Great to hear you're having a good time.
Be sure to stop and smell the roses.