Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The present and the future.

Tuesdays are usually quiet, and as such can be devoted to domestic matters. They can be quite absorbing, in their own way, and rather tedious in other ways. All that sorting!  The books have been re-arranged to the extent possible. What I need is more and better shelves, but in the meantime I am making do.

Last night I chucked out lots of the material from past Italian classes. Not having looked at most of it for more than ten years, it did seem time to put it all into the recycling bin. This afternoon I wrestled with word processing complexities and the complexities defeated me.  In addition I had to go out and sort out the minor problem of not having been sold the correct printer ink.

Tomorrow is busier. Italian in the morning, then lunch with a friend and then a computer lesson. I intend to buy an iPad and want to learn a bit about it before making the purchase.

We are in election mode. It is forecast to be a very close contest. The Murdoch press is very hostile towards the government, and presumably it has considerable influence. In my opinion their opinions are most detrimental to the body politics and stir up unjustified discontent and negativity. Nor do they give any extended coverage and analysis of the issues, let alone much in the way of facts, concentrating on personalities and trivialities, and distorting many issues. There are many issues complicated enough to make analysis and comprehension difficult.  To sort through all of these takes more time and effort than most people can or will make. And I include myself  in this category. Although I am trying to make up for this, after having spent the last couple of years preoccupied with my personal concerns. It is depressing, nevertheless, to see everything reduced to simplistic slogans.

When you see how good and decent so many people are, personally, it is awful to see such qualities being undermined through appeals to prejudice and fear. 


Elephant's Child said...

And sadly not only the media but both our major parties are appealing to prejudice and fear.

Frances said...

Issues such as pt 2 page 40 of the coalition booklet says that they will encourage state schools to become independent.
Does this mean, as some have said, that they want to privatise education?

Why is a policy like this not only not discussed, but not even aired?