Thursday, 1 August 2013

How automatic pilot gets you to the wrong place

This is a very choral week. The women of the choir are singing in an orchestral concert, in a performance of Holst's The Planets, which, in the Neptune movement finishes with female voices. It is fiendishly difficult. I am just home from the dress rehearsal. The choir is offstage, and this meant standing in an adjoining room, lit by blue light, and being unable to see the conductor. The choral conductor did have a monitor, but it was blurry. Singing blindly is rather terrifying.

The choral part of this work is divided into two choirs, each with three parts,  Generally I sing first soprano, but I have been bunged into the middle line. I am no good at this, never having had to do it before, and fervently hoping it never happens again. It is written in 5/4 time. If I were not such a fine, noble, upstanding and diligent person, packed to the brim with moral fibre and feelings of obligation to the choir, I would have melted quietly away.  It will be good to get it all over and done with.

To get there tonight I set off cross country, and was not thinking clearly, as I forgot I was not going to our usual rehearsal venue, but to the concert hall. It was necessary to take a different route, unfamiliar in the dark, and I found myself driving around in unknown parts. I hate that. It really is time I did something about a GPS. Eventually I arrived and it did not matter being a bit late, as we all sat around for quite some time. The concert management provides chocolate biscuits for us. How kind. And we can get vouchers to reduce the amount we have to pay for parking.

Now that I am safely home, listening to Handel and drinking a glass of wine, I will search for a torch to take for the performances, and hope it is easier to read the music. I put highlighter on my part, and it came up luminous, but still illegible, under the blue light. Sigh.

Last week my bathroom tiles were re-grouted, at hideous expense. However some water is still escaping from the shower and I do not why. It is necessary to be assertive and to contact the firm and get them out here again. More sighs.

In between all these entertainments and diversions I am trying to get all my books and documents sorted out - and to keep them that way. I need more bookshelves. Or fewer books. And I cannot get around to making decisions about Dr P's old files, wondering whether the National Library would like them. And when I look at the wool stash, and the fabric stash, and calculate the maximum likely number of years likely to be left to me, I feel my efforts and abilities, not to mention my efficiency and determination, and lacking and what's more, actually dwindling.

Never mind. I intend to buy an iPad soon and to learn all about it before I leave for a month's holiday in September.

Keep at it, I say. Whatever IT happens to be!


Frances said...

Persiflage: I related to your comments re light globes last week: how absurd it seems that such a basic need becomes too difficult. Bad design. I resent paying to have globes changed.
And I have the same problem of a leaking shower recess also. However, I had the idea = quite possibly wrong - that there was actually a tray beneath the floor tiles, and that this is what needed fixing. After all, regrouting is really a diy job, isn't it? How waterproof is grouting, anyway?
All info you find out will be oh so gratefully received.

persiflage said...

Frances, I don't know whether or not trays are in use or standard fittings. How would you get at such a tray without removing tiles? The firm I chose said that grouting should be waterproofed and this is what they did to my shower recess. The man is coming back tomorrow as there is still some water seeping through the shower screen. As for diy, I don't think it is, as special tools are needed to remove the grouting, and then it needs to be replaced. I did not watch it all, not wanting to hover. And then the shower recess had to dry out before being used again.
I am very ignorant of such matter, and a slow learner, it seems!