Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Off the air

In the last couple of weeks somehow or other the Muse has not been within cooee. Blank screens remained blank. Inspiration fled, but not so repetition. So unless I regale the ether with trivia and the minor vicissitudes of life, such as fainting while sitting up and chatting, I must turn to trivia. Or not.

Tomorrow I drive to Canberra to look after my grandchildren. It is some time since I have done this, so I hope standards have not slipped. I do get nervous about doing the insulin injections for my grandson. He is very good, though! Yesterday I had my tyres checked, the car is full of petrol, and all I have to do is pack, and take with me whatever might be necessary for my amusement and edification. There is an exhibition of Turner paintings at the National Gallery, and I hope to get to it on Friday, while the grandchildren are at school. I will take lots of things to crochet, my radio and a few books.

Regrettably, I seem to become less adept at things technological. How daunting. The other day I took my iPod into the Apple Store to complain that I could hear music from only one ear. The Genius tested it. Yes, he said, the sound comes only from one ear. The suggested remedies are expensive. My dear son has promised to accompany me to the Apple Store in Canberra and help me buy, and set up, an iPad. Then I must choose and buy apps. The few weeks remaining before my departure for the northern hemisphere are probably going to be devoted to technological learning and practice. And trying to pack with as few things as possible.

When I changed my ISP some months ago, I bought this thing called a T Hub. Now it tells me that something or other cannot be done unless I turn off Airplane.

But what is Airplane? I cannot find it anywhere on any of my 'devices'. Help was no help. It seems it will be necessary to telephone for support, and thus try to understand foreign accents.

There are times when it all seems too much. It is all very daunting. Here I sit bemoaning the vicissitudes of life instead of having fun at choir.

Just don't get me started on the election. and the football team I have supported since my childhood, albeit somewhat tepidly and intermittently, is now shown to be corrupt and users of illicit substances. I cannot support such a team. I renounce them.

But the moon is full, and beautiful, and Venus is slowly setting in the western sky. There is beauty and joy in the world.


Jan said...

I think it's airport. Not airplane and it's a setting you can have on or off

VioletSky said...

One thing about the Apple - they are always happy to help!
I have an 'airplane' mode on my phone but since I haven't flown and don't have data on my phone anyway I haven't touched it. There is some setting you need to use for flying.
Where are you off to, may I ask? Or did I read about your upcoming trip and forget already (I do that a lot - forget. sigh)

Elephant's Child said...

Sadly there is often a screw loose in the operator here too.
I too would like to see the Turner exhibition but it doesn't seem feasible at the moment. Please let us know about it.