Wednesday, 17 October 2012

When not to write a new post...

New posts should not be written after a long day, late at  night, when bed is where you should be, fast asleep. However, seize the night, say I, and it has been the only opportunity for the last few days.
That's because I have been away, and not able to do a post.

My friend and I went to Brisbane to see the exhibition from the Prado. I 'let' her organise the accommodation, which was within walking distance of the station. We took the train from the airport to the city, and, I must say, it sure beats using taxis.

We flew separately. I went to the city in the morning, to the crochet clinic, as I needed to check whether my interpretation of the pattern was correct. And I was missing the fun of going there. Then I caught the train to the airport. A Chinese couple was sitting in the carriage, and I almost asked them whether they knew what they were doing, as their luggage bore the tags of an international flight, indicating arrival rather than departure, but desisted, thinking perhaps it would be impertinent to put this question. The train moved off eventually and then they asked me. They had indeed just arrived, and should have alighted. So I told them to get off at the next station and go back to the city, and have been reproaching myself ever since for not interfering.

Must repeat to self: Interference is good.

My friend and I, having arrived safely at the apartment, then faced the problem of where to eat. No one was on duty at Reception to give us advice. The apartment had a booklet of places which would bring food to us, but they cost an arm and a leg. Everything was closed and no one was about. We needed our legs, so we went out for an exploratory wander.

First we found the Anglican cathedral and went in for a look, to be greeted with glad cries by a clergyman, who told us all about it, allowed me to take photos, and invited us to stay for the evening service, so as (inter alia) to enjoy the choir's singing. So we did, for a while, before setting out once more in search of food.

We found ourselves down by the riverside where all the restaurants were hideously expensive. Eventually we decided to starve and set off back to the apartment, and then fortunately found an Asian and moderately priced cafe, and thus consumed enough to sustain us for the extensive efforts of the next day.

The next morning we went out for coffee, and discovered there was a supermarket close by. Thither we went, and bought bread rolls, and lots of salady things, so as to be able to eat in the apartment, and not experience the traumas of the previous evening.

Thus replenished and nourished, we set off for the Art Gallery, and the exhibition from the Prado.

We had the whole day to look at Great Art. I can announce quite positively and with absolute certainty that the art of the past is infinitely superior to that of the last fifty years.

But bed calls, and there is a class or several to get to tomorrow, I have been at choir tonight, and have had a busy day, with Fernando back, doing all manner of things. No, it is not finished yet...

More anon.


VioletSky said...

It is good to know the kind of art one appreciates so as to not waste time trying to admire something not up to expectations.

I am wondering about your 'letting' your friend organize? a little mistrust there, perhaps?

Elephant's Child said...

Bed is such a seductress when she (I feel certain it is a woman) calls. I am glad that Brisbane had some charm, but do want to know when you will be able to finally reclaim your home. Though I suspect that I don't want to know one tenth as much as you want to know.