Wednesday, 10 October 2012

This is Week Nine

It is a nice quiet day. Here I am back home after my visit to Melbourne, more of which anon. But where is Fernando? I prowl around my dusty home, wiping surfaces (pointlessly), and contemplate the newly painted door and window frames. Not all of them have had their locks and handles screwed back on. The pictures cannot yet be re-hung. Some of the light switches have yet be be put back. The laundry trough is full of a washing basket full of tools, too heavy for me to lift out. And the lounge is still packed with everything and the dust rises only to settle unkindly close by.

There is a new hot water service installed, and thus there is hot water. All the taps rushed and gurgled when first turned on. The new tank is shorter than the old one, but fatter, so the back door cannot open fully. Nor did it occur to me to consider getting a gas hot water service. That's the trouble with reality unexpectedly cascading all down your front, like baby burp products or or turmeric stains from an Indian curry. Reality is difficult to ignore.

Fernando is probably going to be back tomorrow. This is Week Nine. Week Ten is ominously close. At this rate I am rapidly abandoning the Mustn't Grumble attitude.

Melbourne was exceedingly cold. Despite wearing three layers, I shivered a lot. In the few days before I departed the weather here was rather hot, and I packed a sleeveless dress - which stayed in the bottom of the suitcase. Fortunately I bethought me to check the weather forecast before I left - just as well.

The christening was lovely, and we all enjoy getting together to catch up with all the nieces and nephews and their numerous progeny. I just found out that my generation's 31st grandchild is expected (all going well). And two of my generation have yet to have any grandchildren. The baby looked lovely in the family christening robe, which is by now in a rather fragile condition, and has to be put on and taken off with great care. He was a serious little bub all throughout, but all the other littlies rushed about delightedly and delightfully. I gave this baby the completed purple cot blanket.

We also called over to see the latest newborn, just a week old, who is quite beautiful and who lay there in that very intense sleep of the newborn. I gave her a present - but alas, took the wrong one along - it was for the baby boy just a couple of months older, who has arrived with the rest of his family from the UK. All has now been set to rights, fortunately.  Next time I visit I hope to see them all awake, instead of merely gazing at them sleeping.

One of my grandsons has just had his birthday, and his father's occurred during my visit, so it was all very festive. I had a lovely time with my daughter and family, and my grandsons are delightful. And I weeded their small herb patch, so as to inspire more plantings.

The choir is busy recording a new composition which we sang some months ago. It is being done two nights in a row, and is a complicated business, with lots of starts and stops and repetitions. The man handling the recording process has the most incredible musical ear. Oh, to be so gifted!


Elephant's Child said...

I so hope that it is over SOON. Patience would have left me by now, despite knowing that grumpiness rarely achieves anything positive.

Pam said...

Oh, poor you! I'm sure that once it's all done and Fernando has departed, it'll all fade into your memory. Well, I hope so!

I was interested in your post about my post. Oh dear, I was upset that Anon got so upset - indeed, was so sad about her life. Still, I thought she might have allowed me to feel sad sometimes too... I only asked people not to comment because I was frightened that she might get more upset.