Thursday, 4 October 2012

And on and on it goes

You've all heard how people beat their heads against walls in sheer frustration and because of lack of alternatives. Alack and alas, and woe. One thing leads to another, inexorably, it seems. How does one avoid things being inexorable? Just because it is a lovely word does not mean we want to have it inflicted upon us.

Here I am, in the throes of fixing my rising damp problem, and on and on it goes. One thing leads to another. The floor is there, looking rather lovely, albeit still covered each day (despite the best efforts in wielding the broom) with fine dust, covering everything, and reducing the owner of all this dust, ie, me, to the dismals of despair, wandering around wiping away, without  prospects of achieving dustlessness.
We, that is Fernando and I, are coming to the end of the 8th week, and I would have thought the end should have been well in sight, if not receding rapidly into the past. Alas, No, one thing leads to another.

Inexorably (there is THAT word again), the ninth week approaches. I am off to Melbourne tomorrow, for a family christening and some birthdays -my grandson's, my son in law's, my son's, and there is a new great niece, who is about the 30th grandchild to be born to my numerous family. October is evidently a good month in which to give birth.

Having resigned myself to the 8th week, somehow or other I did not foresee that further disasters were about to envelop me. This morning Fernando discovered that my hot water service is leaking and thus needs replacing.  He had already pointed out that a) it was rather old, and that b) it should have been sitting on a tray. Both these defects are about to be remedied. I have to get a new hot water thingy and Fernando will install it. He can, it seems, do anything and everything. I hope he does not see me as the bottomless pit, because I am by no means such a thing.

Fernando has been painting the walls. This is an open plan house. This means there is a serious lack of doors, and that walls go right through from one room to the next. Thus, where can one stop painting? And there are windows composed of glass bricks, and the walls around these seems to be seriously defective. Alas and woe. Will it never be finished? It seems not.

My light switches are dangling from the walls, the dust abounds, remnants of paint cling to my sink, and I cannot find anything at all. For a person who seeks to reassert control over her life, to combat the ferocious blows of a malign fate (sob, sob) it is all a bit much.

This afternoon, as Fernando was on his way out, I got him to lift this piece of hard foam, originally inserted to stop Dr P from tripping when he went from the breakfast area to the toilet through the laundry (a frequent trip, given his prostate problems). Now that there is a new and lower floor, the plastic piece is too high and thus needed to be fixed in case I trip on it and fall, (more sob sob) and lie there undiscovered for months...... Having levered  it off, the tiles came up with it, and thus this too needs to be fixed. Where will it ever end?

I have been attempting to blot out harsh reality buy crocheting furiously, and have just completed a cot blanket. I hope one of the family will like it, so will take it down as an offering, but if rejected, I am sure it can find a good home and purpose somewhere around here. It is in shades of purple (surprise) and came about because years ago I had crocheted a number of squares, but not enough of them to make a whole blanket. And then, of course, it became impossible to buy more of the same wool. Waste not, want not, I said, and thus crocheted furiously around them all, and in the twinkling of an eye have completed a blanket. Now all it needs is a good home and a baby. Purple is a good unisex colour, yes?

I went shopping today for baby presents, and came away depressed at the inexorable (there is that word again) pink for girls, and cars and trucks for boys divide.  However, banish sorrow, banish care, I am looking forward to meeting these new babies, and hope to give them a few cuddles. I just love little babies.  The way they snuggle softly into your shoulders, snuffling softly. The newness of them. Their responsiveness. How human they are, right from the word Go. The way you can engage any little babe, smiling into their eyes as they lie in their prams, and how they look at you and smile right back. We are hard-wired to love babies, I fervently believe.

Is this why I keep crocheting cot blankets?


molly said...

Only part of the reason, I would say. The main reason is because Fernando is taking way too long to get your house in shape! Does he not have a crew of Fernando look-alikes to assist him with all these inexorable repairs? But, what a nice break it will be for you to go find some babies, and birthday boys, to cuddle!42 5ootran

molly said...

......there goes that super springy robot prove you are not again!

persiflage said...

No, Molly, Fernando is mostly a solo act. he will have to get help in putting all the heavy furniture back, though.
I hate that robot thing and also hate wordpress, which won't let me fix a problem. Where is there help for the technologically inept?

Frances said...

I feel both vulnerable and suspicious in these situations. There's a building down turn, right? I don't want to be the solution to their problem.
I've swallowed my pride, and now firmly tell them that I'm not sure that I can afford to get it done, but will let them know: this helps to get modest quotes.
At the same time, last job I had a quote for was completed, and then I was requested to add GST to the payment. Grrr - I'm sure this is illegal. But, I paid up.

Elephant's Child said...

Inexorable is indeed a wonderful word, but admiring it is not an invitation for it to move in.
I am glad that you have the trip away and particularly the babies to cuddle. I don't think that humans ever smell quite as good as a baby again.

VioletSky said...

we are expecting a first baby in our family since, well, since its 35y/o mother was a baby. My niece does not know what it is except that it will be a baby. I also despair of the blue/pink divide.

VioletSky said...

to get rid of the word verification
go to 'Settings' from the drop down menu where the pages are shown on your dashboard, then to 'posts and comments'. at the bottom, below 'commend moderation' is a selection for 'show word verification?'
change it from yes to no.

Anonymous said...

Well, crocheting is, at least, keeping you sane. Better loopy wool than a loopy brain, I say. xx