Monday, 7 May 2012

Seven whole years

My granddaughter has just had her seventh birthday, celebrated in great style with a party in the freezing air of Canberra.

She is my only granddaughter. All the grandchildren are, of course, special, but I am so glad to have a granddaughter. (She does not expect me to build or talk about Lego, or guns, and such like - things for which I have minimal talent for or interest in.)

This birthday was awaited with immense and intense excitement. Her loose tooth came out just in time, and I think the Tooth Fairy obliged with the customary donation. She had a very good day, with a lovely party, despite the cold. (Just as well I kept all my cold weather clothes.) All her friends were delightful, and they all had a great time.

My son provided the major excitement of the event. He has a remote controlled car (he loves gadgets), to which he affixed a very large balloon, and he made it race all around the grassy area, giving it exceedingly exciting bursts of speed, and all manner of twists and turns. All the children chased the car, but they had a lot of trouble catching it. We onlookers, parents, grandparents and associated hangers-on, were doubled up with shrieks of laughter, and so were the rest of the people round about. What a pity it was not broadcast live on national television.

The party was a very sugary event. Ah well! You just cannot beat the buttermilk spice cake - totally delicious and very more-ish! Especially the icing (Easy Penuche Icing).

The recipe came from an American friend from work, who was immense fun, a brilliant manager, and an excellent cook, who provided regular contributions to morning teas and other festive occasions, such as staff birthdays, in those relaxed days before economic rationalists had totally conquered the earth, when we used to take our knitting and crochet along to staff meetings, all the better to stimulate our brains with.

Those were the days, my friends, we thought they'd never end...

The buttermilk spice cake lives on, though. It has graced, and been enthusiastically devoured at so many occasions. It went down very well at Dr P's wake. Truly a cake for all seasons.

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Elephant's Child said...

I am glad the birthday party was a success for young and old. I have been revelling in the crisp Canberra air. Perfect for doing things in.
Could you share the recipe for that multi purpose cake please?