Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Miscellaneous reflections

The argomento for tomorrow's Italian class has been written. I cannot see any mistakes in it, which just goes to show something or other, because generally mistakes are legion, and I have no real reason to expect anything different in this latest effort. We all have a lot of trouble with our tenses and our prepositions. At least, I spent the day gainfully employed and got through the day's agenda. I set about the task early, and got it done before going out to join the wider world. Such virtue.

 Instead of writing this blog, in its particular stream of consciousness, I should be revising the compito, but it feels as though it has been a long day. Having just watched a program on lions, I feel entitled to roll around like a relaxing lion. Metaphorically, of course. I don't have anyone to lick, or to bat around the head with my claws all nicely sheathed. It would be good to bat fate around the head, but things could be worse, so I refrain from yielding to this impulse.

The highlights of the day were lunch with a friend, followed by a less enjoyable visit to the optometrist. All of  a sudden, so it seemed, things had got very blurry, which was somewhat alarming. And yes, my sight has deteriorated quite a lot, and I definitely need new glasses, and annual check-ups from now on. Age cannot wither her, nor custom spoil her infinite variety. Oh yeah? I don't think Shakespeare's comment on Cleopatra has universal application, more's the pity.

The optometrist told me that everyone has a dominant eye, just like being right or left-handed, and one leg being the one that kicks. That is just how you are. My dominant eye is the left one, which is a pity, as it is the eye which has always given me problems. My eyes have never focussed together, and I switch from one to the other. This means I cannot focus on anything very quickly. I never see shooting stars, for example, and feel that in this respect, nature, has dealt me a bad hand. But it does seem that you can persuade, or trick your eye into switching the dominant one.

Age and decrepitude are not exactly creeping up on me, they seem instead to be galloping along at far too rapid a pace, dragging me along, kicking, screaming and generally protesting, all of which reactions serve me not a whit. Save your breath,  the ambient air says to me.

I went along this evening to a talk at my local library by Stephanie Dowrick, but I cannot say that it improved my human condition. Not yet, at any rate. Inter alia, she talked about kindness. In many ways I am quite kind, but on the other hand, selfishness and lack of consideration for others provoke my ire. Then I seethe, I rage, I burn.

As I walk or drive around the neighbourhood, little acts of kindness are evident. Drivers give way quite often to pedestrians, even though the drivers have the right of way.  But on the other hand drivers often charge across the pedestrian crossings, even though there are people on them. But I like the neighbourhood. People recognise each other, and smile and are helpful. Spontaneous conversations and pleasantries occur, and smiles and laughs are exchanged. Children and dogs are admired. Such interactions give comfort, I think, to those of us who are alone, and to others who need and enjoy them. Thus social capital is created and maintained.


Pam said...

I approve of kindness too, naturally enough, but am not much of a seether, rager or burner. But the world needs such people.

Frogdancer said...

heh heh

Elephant's Child said...

It sounds as if your neighbourhood contains a community. Which is lovely. A community with time to care, to be pleasant...