Monday, 30 January 2012


Back home after several days in Melbourne seeing all my children and four of my grandchildren, I sit at the computer feeling strangely lethargic. Where to start? What to say? Perhaps my muse is still in the air. It is certainly not inhabiting my imagination.

Being with all my children does not happen very often. My daughter Stomper and Fixit gave me, in their loving home, my lovely grandsons, a bed, cups of tea, a sympathetic ear, the chance to put aside the things which beset me, liberty to do whatever suited me, Basil the cat to play with (he was really only interested in the long narrow ribbons dangling from my nightie - the rest of the time he played difficult to find and hard to get). My other daughter and my son and his boys were also there. It happens rarely that we are all together, and it felt good. We all spent some hours yesterday at the pool. Pools and swimming are such enjoyable pursuits, and it was lovely to see so many families having such a good time, with the littlies flinging themselves in and out of the water and having such fun. It was a VERY hot day.

I have returned home feeling better than when I left it. The minor vexation occasioned by the impenetrable instructions in the crochet pattern was assuaged by all the good and nice things that happened.

I had dinner one night with a friend. My youngest sister and I spent some time wandering in and out of shops of varying degrees of trendiness. I tried on a sundress, but it was too short. The salesgirl suggested it could be worn with leggings.  With a sundress?  No way!

When we parted, I decided to walk some of the way home. My newish sandals chafed my little toes, and thus I resorted to the tram. Alas, a tram had broken down further up the line, so the route was clogged with stationary trams. It enabled me to get out, and go to the supermarket to buy bandaids for my little toes, and then get back on the tram again.

On Saturday I met another sister and we saw the Metropolitan Opera's production of Gounod's Faust, which went for over four hours, and was absolutely stupendous and enthralling, with superb singing and acting. I recommend it.


Elephant's Child said...

Serendipity. I had never heard of Gounod. One of the books I am currently reading is about a woman who had a liaison of sorts with him, and now you are talking about going to see a performance of his work.

And how I agree with you about pools and water and swimming.

Pam said...

And families together. The best. Glad you're feeling a bit better.

Rhubarb Whine said...

Sounds like it did you a little bit of good. I am glad to know this. Hugs.

(Going to have to leave a comment via blogger, your word verification keeps rejecting me)

molly said...

Leggings under a sundress wouldn't work for me either! Maybe we're just a couple of old fuddy-duddys! Glad you got to hang out with Stomper and all your family!

Friko said...

There you are, you have had

Heigh-ho a feast of people. I hope you are feeling less depressed.
It's usually people who make me depressed, but when I don't see anybody, that doesn't please me either. Heigh-ho, and I thought it was the lack of sun here which causes people to be miserable.