Monday, 16 January 2012

Idiot female

It never pays to become smug, or even slightly secure in one's coping mechanisms. There I was, walking down the road, having attended to the sundry necessities of life. And then I caught sight of my car. All was not as it should have been. How did it happen that I did not notice this as I left it, but only when I returned to it two hours later?

Simple answer, idiot female, not paying enough attention. Automatic pilot is clearly inadequate in many circumstances. CON-CEN-TRATE! on what you are doing. Don't let your mind just wander off like that!

Preview to the day's events:

Last night I had to personally attend to the demise of three cockroaches. With the fly swat.

I have been clambering up my little ladder to try and peer more closely at the crippled curtain track.

In a further attempt to be more organised and to get rid of things I no longer need/like/fit into, I managed to fill two bags of clothes and linen, which I will take to Vinnies. I intended to make a round trip, first to have lunch with a friend, and while in the vicinity to visit the bank to feed my credit card again, and to establish internet banking for it, and finally to drop off the bags. As I was carrying these bags to the car, the skies opened, and a huge downpour poured down. In the several seconds it takes to get from the back door to the car, the handle of one bag broke, and the contents spilled onto the ground.  

The rain was so heavy as I drove along that I switched the headlights on.

I don't think I need to describe what happened next. Suffice it to say that two hours later, having attended to everything, I had to call for roadside assistance. After the car was started, I had to drive it around for a while, to make it feel all better.

The NRMA man was lovely. I admitted my sheer stupidity, and he told me I was his tenth such case that day, all because of the rain. As I drove around recharging the car, I kept noticing other cars with their lights on. I wanted to hail and warn them of dire consequences. Well, nuisance type consequences, more realistically.

When I arrived home there was yet another communication from the lawyer, sending me a bill from the estate to be paid. Funny that they have not get got around to reimbursing me for the money I am owed.

Despite the very enjoyable lunch, I am left yet again with a sour taste in my mouth.

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Friko said...

Oops, you and many others too.

Concentrating on everything on your mind, when you have lots to remember and/or decide and/or think about is not easy.

You are probably still in a sightly dazed state of mind anyway. I'd certainly forgive myself if I were you.

Bloody lawyers, they seem to be the same the world over.