Sunday, 29 March 2009

That bloody woman again!

Dr P rang the WSD this morning, and had the phone on speaker. Thus I could hear both sides of the conversation while I whizzed around doing other things, such as energetically pruning the Chinese star jasmine. She said they were thinking of visiting Australia in July or August, but that they were never going to stay at his house again, as I had made it quite clear they were not welcome to stay. When they had finished the call Dr P told me of their possible visit, but that they would not stay here. 

I told him that it was not true that I had said they were not welcome, that I had never said that, but if they stayed elsewhere, it was probably just as well from his point of view, because these days he does not find it easy to have people staying in the house for very long. He agreed. She evidently thinks that having her to stay is total bliss for him.

What a liar she is.  

I have been doing quite well in ridding myself of the toxic effect of this woman, but do feel churned up again. But I am not going to let it get to me. I will content myself with having a little growl about it here. I will be very happy if they stay elsewhere. It would be easier all round, and I will go and see my own family, who are much nicer people, with qualities such as kindness, thoughtfulness and unselfishness!! Quite unlike her!

My psychologist, the week before last, read my letter to the WSD, and her reply. She said that my letter was excellent, and that the reply was childish and petulant, and had not addressed any of the issues in my letter. She also thinks Dr P ought to be on my side a bit more. I agree, but I am not going to push this one. No one likes their own children to be criticised or vilified, and it is natural to defend your own kin. He knows full well that she is difficult, and has always been so. It is not necessary to rub it in. He needs me more than he needs her.


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meggie said...

Very kind words from you. It is sad when in-laws become outlaws.

So good if you can shake off the toxic vibes she leaves in her wake.