Monday, 16 March 2009

Anyone got a magic wand handy?

This weekend almost every family member I telephoned was out, and so I have missed the usual contacts, and feel rather cut off. Finding a good time to ring is not always easy. The children are busy at weekends, one of them  is out teaching most nights of the week, and dinner time is inconvenient for those with little children. My sisters were not answering either. Dr P carries on if I ring interstate in peak times, and so I try not to do it very often. 

The choir had additional practices on Saturday and Sunday, and we got through a lot of music. Some of it is rather difficult. Actually most of it is difficult, but at least we have sung the  the Mozart Requiem before, and it is a matter of getting it up to speed, and polishing and perfecting it. Parts of it are being taken quite fast, and I found myself muttering that it is not a bloody horse race. We worked very hard and all of us were very tired by Sunday afternoon. Our concert is on Easter Saturday. On Saturday night I went with a friend to an excellent Musica Viva concert - she had won two tickets and invited me along. 

Yet another graffiti was perpetrated on Friday night, fortunately not very large. I was outside with the scrubbing brush bright and early, and the early walkers almost tripped over me as they came around the corner.

As I set off to the bus stop on Wednesday morning I encountered four young schoolgirls in the lane running off our back lane, who were in the process of doing a graffiti on someone's garage door. I gave chase, but they got away - I can't run as fast as they can. These girls were on their way to school, and looked as though they were still in primary school. Little brats! They need a good spanking, and hot tar poured onto their iPods. Or onto their long and lustrous locks.

With some friends I am spending some time in helping another friend draft a document to go with an application. It is a complicated situation, which I won't describe, requiring special consideration due to unusual circumstances. It makes us all realise how difficult it can be to deal with a bureaucracy, especially when there are very difficult personal family situations.

On Wednesday I will be discussing with the psychologist what happened with my attempts to improve the relations with the WSD (SD2). My level of tension has risen in anticipation of describing the account. When I swim I imagine I am washing away the toxicity, and this does help. But I feel rather more fragile. I tell myself  have been working through the things which needed to be done - I am having computer lessons, am learning slowly, and am close to ensuring email and computer privacy - except I am still confused about moving information from one user to the other, I am swimming, and continuing to pursue all my interests, and to see friends. Probably next week will be a better one, if I can work through the issues as planned. SD3 arrives on Saturday, and then I go to Adelaide on Sunday to visit my friend, while she looks after her father. 

There is progress, inevitably slow, in personal change. Oh for a magic wand, or the good old-fashioned miracle. We'd all like that. I bet Kevin does, although all the ranting Rudd revilers would hate that to happen.

Dr P is acting as though he is being neglected. He needs some TLC, it seems, the poor love.


Zenom said...

Sorry I've missed you over the last couple of days.

Relatively Retiring said...

I'm sorry that life sounds very tough at the moment.
My situation is not the same as yours, but I find weekends difficult as everyone is busy doing family things and I'm afraid of intruding.

Interesting that the grafitti rats are female, and young female at that!

Frogdancer said...

If they were in school uniform, ring the school and complain. If they're a good school, they'll call a general assembly and let the kids know that it's not on.

It may do some good, you never know...

meggie said...

I thought the same about ringing the school re the grafitti girls.

Every time I ring my daughter, or she phones me, she gets nagged at constantly to get off the phone.
It makes it hard to enjoy chats.

persiflage said...

I am not sure which school it is, and need to check the uniforms when I see them again - otherwise I can't notify the school.