Monday, 30 May 2016

Probably should not be allowed out.

It seems there is ample opportunity for self-reproach. Mine occurs, with a slight sense of indignation.

Simply, I fell over.  Walking along briskly, with a fellow chorister, to our pre-concert rehearsal, I tripped against the protruding edge of one of these service pits which multiply like rabbits in Sydney's footpaths, and hurt myself. My pride, and dignity suffered, and, worse, I damaged my left leg and foot. It was very painful.

Next morning I went to the doctor, who wrapped the foot in a firm bandage, and who gave me a referral for an X-ray, which of course had to wait until Monday.

On Monday I had the foot x-rayed and it showed a small fracture in the left foot. I would hate to have a more major fracture. This one is more painful than is easily tolerable. National consumption of painkillers has skyrocketed. At Vinnie's I bought myself a walking stick - a pity I gave Dr P's sticks away five years ago. The stick helps me to hobble slowly along, and serves as a warning to others in the street. Take Care, the stick shrieks. It is all very tedious, and I feel quite sorry for myself.
However, as things go, my injury is not dreadfully severe. Excessive whinging should be avoided.

As I wend my cautious way around, I pay keen attention to the state of the roads and footpaths, and the condition is generally very bad. There is great unevenness, and the patch-it up type of repairs are not well done. It is a wonder the fall and fracture rate is not higher. It takes me twice the usual time to walk anywhere, and great effort needs to be expended not to get in the way of fully mobile people.

And the declining infrastructure is not confined to my relatively humble area. The footpaths in the city are not too good, and my fall happened in a much richer part of Sydney.

Perhaps, once I have recovered, I could take lots of photographs of danger spots, and publish a glossy and impressive tome, full of colour photographs, and close-ups, to be entitled Pedestrian Hazards of Sydney. Sales points could include outside the Premier's office, Parliament House, and local government offices. As all the local councils have been sacked, and An Administrator has been appointed, the hapless public seems to have little immediate recourse.

In the meantime I have a disabled parking sticker, but have yet to find a handy vacant parking spot.


Elephant's Child said...

Sigh. Having broken toes before (through klutzdom) I have an inkling of how painful a fractured foot must be. And the paths (when they exist) are bad here too.

molly said...

Hello Persi, It's been ages since I've been here and now I find you injured and hobbling....I hope that things have mended by now and you are cheerful once again!

Pam said...

Oh, you're back. Good! Though your posts are rather sad. Getting older is a bit rubbish, isn't it, even though one is lucky to be well most of the time? I think I would be tempted to move near to my grandchildren if I didn't already live near them... but on the other hand, moving is such a horrible upheaval and my local friends are very important. It's very difficult. I miss my absent daughter and son so much; we see them fairly often, but it's not the same. I think I'll be sad for ever, despite having much to be thankful for. Sympathy to you.