Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Pressing matters

Having finished another blanket destined for Wrap With Love, and having  checked the all the ends were sewn in,  I have now pressed it very carefully. Sometimes the edges are somewhat irregular and wavy,  and must be steamed into a more even and regular shape.  This task recalls to me the perennial parental lament and reproach 'You can't go out looking like that!'   And I have posted a blanket to my son and his boys. Productivity rules, OK. Well, sort of.

Our group met on Friday morning, and as usual it was very productive. And immensely enjoyable. They are all such good, able and talented women. It is very inspiring that so many women are doing all this work to help others. We are all fascinated that there seems to be a renaissance in making things by hand.

My house is littered with squares, al;though this afternoon I did do a little tidying.  They must be put together in as pleasing a composition as possible. Making the squares is the easy part, joining and sewing in the yarn ends, and then doing a crab stitch edging takes just as much time.

On Sunday  there was a significant birthday party for one of the members of the Italian class. This was a lot of fun. Our friend and her family had been cooking up a storm. Everything was delicious. She and her husband live quite a long way away, in a much leafier part of the city. Not like around here, with its microscopic gardens, and the sight of so many plants bursting joyfully into flower was wonderful. I was fortunate to get a lift there from another class member who lives near me. Afterwards we were all driven to the station,  and we went home by train and bus.

The depressing part of the last week was my appointment with the physiotherapist. To my disappointment and dismay, the lymphoedema has worsened somewhat after a fortnight of not wearing the pressure sleeve. Back on with the sleeve. Alas and woe. Will it ever get really better?

To distract myself I cleaned the oven. And I am puzzling over the intermittent interruption to the internet. My connection drops out quite often. I made an appointment with Apple, to test the wireless thingy (Airport, I think it is called), in case that is what is causing the problem. Technical confusion on my part does not help. Perhaps the computer is also ailing, and a new form of symbiosis is smiting some of us lesser mortals. It does not bear thinking about.


Pam said...

Oh, poor you re the arm. What a pain. Grrr.

molly said...

I love the mental picture you paint of all that leafiness and all those plants "joyfully bursting into bloom!" It is wonderful how creating stuff together can make us so happy!