Sunday, 18 May 2014

Preparing for a visit

A former colleague and friend is to visit tomorrow. She is now living in Melbourne, and we see each other, usually when I visit, and beg a bed for the night, but sometimes she comes here.

She is a good woman. Intelligent, thoughtful, resourceful, competent, forgiving and tolerant. We can be very blessed in our friendships. When geographic proximity no longer exists, one must make an effort to stay in touch, and this is a friendship which is well worth the effort. We talk, we laugh, we reflect, we remember, and we think. Most always the same way, but she makes me think, and perhaps I return the favour.

We are supposed to be dining at a restaurant, but we may perhaps stay at home. I have been cooking up a storm, and prepared osso buco, and will make risotto. Unless, of course, she would rather go out. Mondays, though, are not necessarily the best day to dine out, and thus, I say, be prepared.

 Living alone results in much less cooking. One gets lazy. I cook batches of bolognese sauce, and the occasional curry. But often I have a simple cold meat and salad meal. At other times i resort to simple and easy dishes. The cooking feasts of yesteryear no longer happen. Living alone cramps one's style, as does living with an idiosyncratically fussy spouse. So skills fall into disuse. One becomes lazy. But every so often I spend the day in the kitchen.

This week I have made quince jelly, and today the cumquat marmalade. There used to be cumquat trees up the road, which I harvested regularly, but they were chopped down and an extremely large complex of apartments is being erected. I would rather have the cumquats. I do have a small cumquat in a pot,  but it does not bear a sufficient quantity of fruit. So as I walk around the neighbourhood,I keep   an eye out for cumquat trees, and wonder whether I can knock on the door and organise a trade.

It will be lovely to see my friend. She is good for my soul. I am sure she will help me to count my blessings. And we will laugh, and most likely scowl about the Budget.


Elephant's Child said...

A friend to laugh with and scowl with is a truly wonderful thing. Enjoy your time with her.

The Image Is Everything said...

Hi Mum. How lovely she's coming to visit!!! I always thought your Osso Bucco was fabulous and your risotto is also v v good. Heath is still telling me I have to cook things exactly like his grandma. I have lost all my authority in the kitchen!

Gillie said...

Enjoy the visit and I will be knocking on your door soon with my toast.....I love Quince jelly!