Saturday, 2 February 2013

Cut off from civilisation as we have come to know it

For the third time in about as many months my telephone and therefore my internet are on the blink. I sit at the local library on a booked session. It is supposed to be fixed within another few days but as this is the weekend, I do not expect the repair to be done sooner. Of course, it is not just the blogging I miss, although it makes me feel very cut off from that world as well as from the parallel universes, but I cannot look anything up. As a chronic looker-upper, this makes me twitch.

Still, there are lots of wonderful and fascinating books to be read. I find that being on my own has somehow or other made me far more capable of reading more, and in a more concentrated way. While I still dip in and out of the large number of new books festooning the living areas, and while I still pick up far too many second-hand books at the markets, and borrow from the library, my concentration is better and my interests keener. Which all makes me wonder about the effect of matrimony on the mind, the psyche and the character. I suppose there is something about the fact that living with another person or persons allows other things and frequent interruptions or distractions to flourish, as it were.

We have had a lot of rain and today is distinctly cool.  It is rather nice.

In between all the reading I am finishing another crocheted blanket. This is in blues, and white and I have decided to keep it as an occasional throw over my bed. Most of my bedroom linen is in blue and white.

The knitting and crochet group resumed yesterday, much to our general delight. It was over far too quickly. and choir is back. We are singing Rachmaninov's The Bells, which is set to Edgar Allan Poe's eponymous poem. Fortunately we are singing it in English and not  Russian. Next week the Italian  classes resume. The opera group is back and so are the lectures at the Art Gallery. So life is about to be very busy again. I am no good at sitting around with nothing to do.

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Pam said...

No, I'm not either.

Glad you're feeling better.