Friday, 21 September 2012

The cracked record

That is what I feel like to myself. I could rant on and on about the dust and chaos in the house and the fact that it will be another couple of weeks before it is finished, because Fernando wants a week's holiday, etcetera, but I sound like one of those aggravating cracked records and there is only myself to lift up the needle and to get it playing again.

I know that there are people in the world who do not know about records, and how they got scratched and therefore hiccupped in the same spot until manually moved on. Now I don't suppose I want anyone to come and manually move me on, and thus I have to think electronically and select another track. Perhaps it is only going to play the same sort of music. So beware.

I am just back home from having a meal at a restaurant with a friend. We were all set to finish the meal with a raspberry gelato, but the main courses were too large for us to manage anything else, and thus such delights must wait for another day.

This morning I went to the knitting and crochet group, which was fun. From time to time people wander in and observe us.  Today a woman came in with her small daughter, as the daughter is interested in learning to knit. They seemed suitably impressed. Perhaps one day someone can teach me to knit. However the delights of crochet are being transmitted, and now the squares are being joined by crochet. I have, after all, achieved something in my life.

I had all sorts of intentions for the rest of the day, but it was swallowed up by this and that. I changed the sheets this morning and put them on the clothesline. Mine is a very tiny back garden and my bed is a king size one, and thus the king size sheets do not fit properly on the line. Off I went to the knitting group, and then down came the rain, which naturally interferes considerably with the drying process.

Being increasingly bad-tempered about the dirt and grime, I set about trying to clean up the kitchen. Oh dearie me! what a task, and much scrubbing was required. Of course I have no idea whether there will be yet another layer of dust once things get sanded down for the painting.

But hey, as they say, I was not even going to talk about that. It just slipped out and typed itself, even if the typing did require some editing and corrections.

Last night I went to a concert performance of Monteverdi's L'Orfeo, performed by our wonderful Brandenburg Orchestra. The music is sublime and the singing quite beautiful, excellent and gorgeous. I share and understand all that grief and loss, even though I don't quite understand how Orfeo let poor Euridice wander through the grass and get bitten by the snake. He should have been there with her, beating the grass and driving out all the snakes and other nasty beasties, instead of blathering on, ever so musically, about how much he loved her.

But that's men for you! And the legend has given the world such wonderful words and music over the ages.


Elephant's Child said...

Perhaps Orfeo could be/should be forgiven because he did create beauty while he was being ineffectual. In my experience they are much more likely to create mess and clutter. Oh dear, I am wearing my grumpy hat tonight. I will stop.
I do so hope that the dust and the mess leave you soon. Or perhaps a little earlier than that. I like my nest and I find it difficult to share it - much less share it with clutter and dust and mess than I can do nothing about. Which is a long winded way of saying that my heart goes out to you.
PS: Next time perhaps you should start with the raspberry gelato.

Joan said...

He was probably watching the footie.

molly said...

thoporti Elephant's child does have a point---about starting with the raspberry gelato! Since Miss Oriss deals with stress by turning on the vacuum cleaner and vacuuming everything in sight, my house is currently dust free. Since my ways of dealing with stress cause rather than cure messes, I'm sure the dust and the spiders will creep back, now that she's gone.
You sound like life is good, so don't let the dust get you down. This too shall pass....

molly said...

Oops, that's where it went! That gibberish at the start of my comment was my first attempt at proving I'm not a robot!