Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Death of the vacuum cleaner

Yet another appliance died this morning. There I was, trying to vacuum my bedroom after too many weeks of inattention, but suddenly my upright vacuum cleaner fell to bits. The dust bag fell out and undid all my work.

A tiny bit of the plastic which enabled it to go from upright to usable vacuuming mode had broken off, which was a nuisance, but I was not expecting the whole thing to go suddenly from moribund to completely dead.

There are two other little push and pull along vacuum cleaners, neither of them much use, but one of them had to be put to work. One was mine and the other was Dr P's, but, apart from being better at cleaning the stairs, they are not very effective.

The dead vacuum cleaner can go to the tip, with all the other bits of rubbish, broken bricks, pavers, pieces of tiles, etc.

Obviously doing housework, in my present circumstances, was a very bad idea. There is some compulsion within me that makes me desperate to get myself and my house in order. However the tasks are beyond me at present. I keep losing bits of papers with important stuff written on them. As most of the things from the kitchen and dining room are in boxes here there and everywhere, it is almost impossible to find anything, although I did manage to find the secateurs and chop off a few dead bits of plants. All three secateurs turned up, and Fernando fixed them by giving them a few drops of good olive oil. Did the trick nicely.

Fernando and his mate Colin have lugged many buckets of pre-mixed concrete into the drain area, spread it all out, went away to let it start setting, and Fernando is now back, dashing away with the smoothing trowel...

The timber for the floor will be delivered and stored in my lounge room, so even more things have to be moved yet again. It is all increasingly resembling those cards which are set up and which them are allowed to progressively collapse completely. I wonder whether I will ever find anything again?

Colin suggested that I put in a new kitchen. I said I couldn't afford it. Fernando looked at my dishwasher the other day and asked why it was just sitting on the floor in front of the back door. Where else could it go? I asked. You'd have to take out the drawers, and then one thing would lead to another. It is bad enough to realise that it would not be a bad idea to get a couple of suspect things fixed in my bedroom.

In the meantime, I have a couple of stair lifts to dispose of. I had a quick look on eBay, and it did not look very promising. Perhaps a sign out the front, saying 'Inclinators - free to good home' might do the trick. Or perhaps not.


Elephant's Child said...

It must be the week. Our vacuum cleaner went to god this week with the vacuuming about half done. All I could think was 'aha - the perfect excuse for not completing a task I dislike'.

Simtel said...

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Unknown said...

That’s quite an experience! Vacuum cleaners are a great help in maintaining the cleanliness of one’s home, so it’s frustrating when they suddenly break. Anyway, it’s been months now. Did you visit a repair shop to fix your vacuum cleaner or just bought a new one?

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