Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Out of character

I am back home from a few days in Canberra. I saw friends, children and grandchildren, and watched the kids' soccer matches. It was very very cold and many layers of clothing were essentiaI. My grandson's team has improved a lot, and he managed to get quite a lot of kicks, but apparently keeps hovering near the goal in the  hope and expectation that the ball might miraculously come to him and he can shoot a goal. Apparently you are not supposed to hover around the goal area....

The younger team still has a lot to learn. My granddaughter has trouble remembering to run in the direction of the ball, and, when she does run, she interrupts the run periodically to give a graceful ballet sort of leap! Actually, the leaps are rather Bambi -like.

I have laboured in the field, or, rather, in the houses, and wrought some order out of - how to put it kindly? No, don't think I can. Anyway I have been a labour saving person, and managed to get the older boy involved in helping me. We had fun.

My friend KP was a most kind host. We went out to dinner the first night, and he invited friends over on another night. It was good to see everyone.

In a fit of heroic self-restraint, I did not buy any books at my favourite bookshops. (OK, so one of them was not open when I was in the vicinity.) Continuing my efforts to lead a virtuous life, I am proceeding to read a book which has been sitting around for over a year, somehow emitting a faintly dispirited air, and emitting pleading yelps, to just get on with it, and read it - right to the end, please. It is Frank Delaney's novel Ireland, and it is a great read, especially if you are interested in Ireland. I am, in a general sense, and am trying to improve on this by reading books by Tim Pat Coogan, whose A Memoir I have recently finished. I am actually rather put out to discover how few of his books are available in the bookshops here. It is only right to create a mini-demand.

There are plenty of things to do.

I drove back home this morning, detouring briefly to Berrima, or, as the signs say, Historic Berrima, where there is a lovely shop selling alpaca products. I whipped in and out of the shop in a mere 15 minutes and am now wearing a rather gorgeous purple alpaca tunic style garment.  This results from following the policy of giving oneself little (or big) treats.

Tonight I went with a friend to see a musical Jersey Boys, all about Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. Now, no one would describe me as being keen on pop music, although I found that much of the music was familiar. It was terrific, with an excellent cast of singers, actors and musicians. My only complaint was that it was extremely loud, and I do not understand why a deafening level is considered essential. There will be hosts and hosts of people suffering from deafness at a rather young age. Then they will be sorry!

Still, I must not allow myself to be curmudgeonly. It was a very enjoyable night, and I am delighted that my friend talked me into going with her.

Tomorrow normal life will be resumed and I will be going to the Apple Shop to learn how to be a more effective user of my computer. Should be good.


VioletSky said...

You sound very chipper this morning (well, it is morning here). I love watching little kids play soccer, especially when they still have little clue as to what actually they are supposed to be doing. Your granddaughter dancing int he middle of a play would have me in stitches!

Anonymous said...

How lovely! I am making my first ever visit to Canberra the weekend after this one. I'll be sure to look in the bookshops, and stop at the alpaca shop in Berrima. I haven't seen Jersey Boys yet but would really like to. Glad you enjoyed it, aside from the loudness, which seems unusual. Perhaps they were having "technical issues".

persiflage said...

Saffronlie, the bookshop in Kingston is called the Book Grocer and is full of wonderful cheap hardbacks. The Paper Chain at Manuka has a lot of the same stock.You'll love it. Have a good time.

Anonymous said...

You sound productive in the post, IP. I hope you are doing OK, I try and between the lines....