Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Meaningless and meandering musings

Having done a little blog browse, and admired the absolutely gorgeous full moon - for once not obscured by cloud, I am not yet quite ready for bed. Today I had a piece cut out of my bottom, but am told it is unlikely to be a melanoma. It was cut out because I have had a couple of melanomas in the past. It has been stitched, but is not sore. Clever Dr P found this little spot - it was not in a place I can see easily, not that I spend a lot of time looking at my bottom, which is not as pretty a sight as it may once have been. Sigh!

I had to dash off early from this morning's Italian class to get to the medical appointment, and needed to take a taxi for the last part of the trip in order to arrive on time. The taxi driver filled me in on his negative views of our Prime Minister, and I did not bother responding with a similar but succinct and accurate analysis of the new Liberal leader, as I could so easily have done. You can only do so much in a five minute taxi ride, especially if you have given him the wrong street number...'Oh', he said, 'You should have told me the name of the premises.' Yes, well! I plead mild stress.

On the way home I did a bit of shopping for Dr P, and paid the council rates. Exciting stuff! Excited by the probability of a greater life expectancy, I ventured into the garden and lightly pruned the African daisy, which seems to think it is both able and entitled to crowd out all the competing vegetation. I then carefully examined the kaffir lime, to calculate the low probability of its setting any fruit. There are a couple of microscopic fruits which might survive another few days. I don't know why none of the fruit sets: the tree grows frenetically, and it gets lots of TLC.

News flash - the clouds are appearing and doing their best to obscure the moon.

Yesterday I was to have taken the computer to the city to the Apple Store to have a Genius look at it to see whether something needs fixing. It is very sluggish, and would not burn a CD of my photos. There was a problem in ejecting the CD, and I had to read the manual. I had to abandon the effort to take the computer to the city, as it is just too heavy, awkward and difficult to transport. All the connections had to be reinserted, of course, so I had to crawl and wriggle around the floor and the back of the desk to retrieve and reinsert them. It felt at least as heavy as my suitcase for the Italian trip was. Now I will have to get someone to make a home visit. Or buy a new computer.

Now there is a very tempting thought!


molly said...

Glad you got your bottom fixed.... Should make sitting much more enjoyable! Your description of those daisies made me laugh! Some flowers are very bossy and take more than their share of space, but I love a tangled, crowded garden better any day than a formal, pruned, stilted one......

How about that...WV is "exesse!"

Frogdancer said...

"Excited by the probability of a greater life expectancy".... this made me laugh!

Meggie said...

Computer problems are so frustrating...& I am sure, age adding.
After battling to get anything but weeds to grow, I would love some rmapant, flowering, plant to take over my garden!
Like Molly, I love a tangled crowded disobedient crowd of plants & I have to constantly battle GOM's desire to prune & curb!