Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Flying home

These visits are much too short. I need at least a week. My return flight was nice and smooth, and on time. There must be something about flying, and not having a desk or a computer handy that facilitates writing. Who needs comfort? Stomper drove me to the airport, and then went off to a blog meet, and I am keen to hear all about it. Her willingness to drive me to the airport meant that she missed some of it. Her little boys are both growing up and are very beautiful children. They play very happily together. 

Here is Stomper with the delecatable Bertie Wooster. I'd so love to have a Burmese cat just like him, but we can't. Dr P is definitely not a cat person - he flinches and says the equivalent of 'avaunt' anywhere near a cat. Also, cats get under your feet - they do it on purpose, especially when they decide they must be fed right this minute, and it would be very dangerous. And Dr P might not feed a cat! Bertie is gorgeous and I just love the feel of his silky fur.

It was lovely staying with my sister C and her husband. They are kind, hospitable, generous and loving, and full of practical helpfulness. We talked about our lives and our families, far more than is possible with phone calls. She is a good talker, and I don't know how she manages to pack so much into her life. I feel comparatively idle.
Here I am with three of my sisters. We don't look very alike, and come in a variety of colours, sizes and shapes. This was taken at our nephew's wedding, outside the church.

The wedding - what a happy occasion it was, full of love, warmth and enjoyment. The ceremony brought me to tears - but happy tears, and like everyone present, I felt very emotional. Watching a couple pledge their love and life together is extraordinarily beautiful. I can't help wondering how those joining in matrimony will fare. We all started our marriages with love and optimism, and yet many marriages do fail, with much pain and sorrow. I hope this couple will live in love and joy, and not encounter pain, sorrow or tragedy. And I also hope they will have babies - soon.

 The bridegroom is very dear to me. As his mother said in her speech at the reception, he has grown from a cheeky little boy into a fine person who has achieved remarkable success in his endeavours, and he has married a beautiful and talented woman. He has a piercing wit, and can take the mickey out of anyone and anything. I will never forget a piece he wrote acknowledging some minor misdemeanor, and the reasons why it was wrong, written according to the standard jargon and phrasings, but with his tongue well and truly in his cheek. 

I have made my parents ashamed of me, and they have paid a lot of money and made many sacrifices so as to give me a good Christian education, and I have brought sorrow to my teachers, who are so dedicated and work so hard, and I ought to be grateful....

I knew he'd go far!

It was a lovely reception and a very happy gathering. Good food, lots to drink, lots of family, friendship, good music and dancing.

My sister's marriage broke up  years ago in a very traumatic way, with lots of pain, grief and guilt to all. To everyone's credit, the grief and pain have been largely overcome, the lives rebuilt, and the divorced parents treat each other with respect and affection. I admire them very much for this achievement. It was not easy.

I will be back in Melbourne next week for an old school reunion. Should be fun, and interesting. As I have lived away from Melbourne, I have not kept up much contact at all, but I did get to a reunion ten years ago, and look forward to this one. 

As for Melbourne, well, I do love it. But I laugh when I hear the people complain about the traffic. To me it is calm and quiet. However I did notice quite a few drivers running the red lights. Bad! I could live in Melbourne - but would have to rebuild my life yet again.

I am glad to be home, though. I got Dr P to his medical appointment this morning. All is well. He was worried and fretted about it, and is now much more relaxed. The doctor said he was in excellent condition for his age!


meggie said...

Glad all is well with Dr P.
Isn't your Stomper Girl just gorgeous! and her sons of course!
What lovely photos you have shared with us.

Stomper Girl said...

Is delecatable a typo or a wordplay? Because I like it being used that way in relation to Bertie Wooster.

molly said...

My, you sound busy! Lovely photo of you with your sisters and also Stomper and those cute boys.....Where were you in the pecking order? Oldest? Youngest? In-between?

persiflage said...

1. Yes she is!
2. It is a word play. Started out as a typo which was improved upon. Keep using it and it might get into the Macquarie Dictionary one day. I still hope 'teenage life form' might make it.
3. I am the second of 7. Sometimes I feel quite low in the pecking order, but then again it probably depends on each individual perspective.

Anonymous said...

Your visit sounds very special and greatly enjoyed. Glad you had such a good trip and are back in time to do the important things!

Relatively Retiring said...

So glad you had such a happy and successful trip. What a lovely family.