Monday, 29 December 2008

Home with Dr P

Having been away in Canberra to celebrate Christmas with two out of my three children, I drove back home yesterday. The road was very busy, but practically everyone drove carefully and responsibly. Not a police car was to be seen. I made good time, and am glad to be home with Dr P, who evidently shares the sentiment. I had to get home in time for us to go to a friend's 80th birthday celebration. (No, I am not that old, but Dr P is even older.) It was a good party, at a venue overlooking the water, with the most glorious late afternoon light and sunset. My mind was still on the highway, though!

Today we have had a quiet day - well HE has! I have been putting my domain back in order, but quietly and happily. We were supposed to go to see a film this afternoon, but this did not happen, so, having spent the day on domestic tasks, I've turned to the computer. A lot of washing has been done, and I have severely pruned the Chinese star jasmine, dodging the milky sap exuded when it is pruned. I swear it grew half a metre in the few days of my absence. The new  growth has attracted hordes of white flies, which apparently have a breeding cycle of almost unparalleled fertility. Time for the white oil, despite the forecast of showers. 

KP, the partner of my beloved friend Viv, who died at the end of August from a brain tumour, gave me the use of his house in Canberra. It would have been ideal for Dr P, being on one level, equipped with safety rails, and very comfortable, but he refused to budge, and thus had to resort to his own devices. It was perfect for me, giving me peace and quiet and time to rest.  I was able to see quite a few friends, including some I'd not seen for ages.

Our Christmas was lovely. After having had the step-family in their successive waves for a couple of weeks, it was good to be with my own kith and kin. My son and family came over to my daughter's, and we had rather a late lunch of the usual delicious Christmas fare - although in a self-denying ordinance I did not make a Christmas cake this year (we are feeling rather regretful about this right now). Baby K is now almost a year old, and crawling around happily. the children all had a beaut day.

Here I have to confess a serious sin of omission, which is that I was so busy tending to the waves of step-families that I did not manage to find presents for my own. I feel very bad about this, although I did manage to buy books for some, and a few minor pieces of trivia, and to organise their parents to buy presents for my darling grandchildren. In the past we have had a sort of system of buying presents when the post-Christmas sales begin,so as to get more for less, and my daughter and I shopped happily and successfully on 27th, following a traditionally slothful Boxing Day. I managed to find the desired present for Stomper, although as it is fragile I am not sure when she will get it.

That day there were wild storms and extremely heavy rain, which struck as we started driving home after the shopping. There has been such a lengthy drought here in Australia that we have not seen such heavy rain for years. It was scary driving through it. Fortunately the overall damage was fairly light.

Boxing Day was also notable for the not-unexpected over-tiredness of the little ones. Even the mixing and making of pikelets could not quell the  fractious wails and screams of Jessica, who told me repeatedly that she did not want me to be there any longer and that I should go home to Dr P. (Next day she appeared to have changed her mind, I am relieved to say.)

My family having noticed over the years that I really like classical music and opera, I now have very respectable additions to the DVD collection and am looking forward to long self-indulgent evenings during which I will take total control of the airwaves and associated equipment, and luxuriate in watching and listening to glorious singing. Thank you, my dear children. There are also several new CDs to play, and lots of books to read.

Then it will be time to implement New Year's resolutions, which will include getting back to swimming regularly, and learning more about the computer, especially the blogging bit. Perhaps photos will appear. I have subscribed to the Apple Store's One on One lessons, so I will activate that soon and book the first lesson. And I have told Dr P that early in the New Year we are going to get him a new hearing aid, so that he can hear better, and so I don't have to shout at him so much. It will be the year of the bossy wife. Yea!


Pam said...

Well, that all sounds pretty nice. Hope niceness is continuing for you.

persiflage said...

So far so good, thanks Isabelle. I am happily playing new CD, Los Impossibles, by an Italian folk group L'Arpeggiata, which toured Australia either this year or the one before.
And I hope your Christmas was wonderful.

herhimnbryn said...

Here via rr's blog. Your Christmas sounded hectic, but good. From one stranger to another may your New Year be full of hopes and peaceful.

Stomper Girl said...

She must have been overtired if she was telling you to go home. I hope you follow through with your bossy wife intentions, I think it is the way to go. Can't wait to see the you-know-what.

persiflage said...

She sure was, Stomper. I put her to bed forthwith. Kicking and screaming notwithstanding. Her, not me, that is.

meggie said...

I suddenly realised that you are Stomper's mother, as I read your posts. Which, I must say, I have really enjoyed!!
It did/does make life so much more pleasant when the Gom got his hearing aids. I no longer had to suffer bellowing TV & sore throats from yelling at him! haha.