Saturday, 5 July 2014

Cold feet, ice and snow

Here we are sitting around, after a good dinner and wine, with a pot bellied stove to keep us warm and cosy, and replaying our day in the snow.

 It did not actually snow, but rained a bit, but the cold was the genuine thing. It is very many years since I have been in this alpine area, and it is absolutely beautiful, with tall straight eucalyptuses, a myriad of ferns, and many roadside and fastflowing narrow rivers, some with felled tree trunks across them (perhaps to encourage the foolhardy,to clamber across them, in a 'look Mum, no hands' attitude. The bush is incredibly beautiful. I wished the sun had been shining, but it was overcast, with low clouds and light rain drizzling.

My daughters had borrowed snow gear and so we were all rugged up, but nonetheless our feet got very cold. We parked our cars in a tightly packed car park and took a bus to the Mount Stirling area where there was some rather sodden snow, but more than enough to allow the little boys and girl  to make and hurl snowballs  at all and sundry. It is more years since I can calculate since I spent any time in a snowy environment, regarding it as rather nasty cold wet stuff, but we did all have a lot of fun tobogganing, and despite having celebrated a birthday only yesterday, I tobogganed down three times, but, would you believe (I can't) not one of my devoted family took a photograph of my prowess, which, really, considering the modern obsession for photographing eleven out of every ten events, is pretty pathetic, but considering all the other lovely things they did, I can overlook and patdon.

 It has been a lovely few days with my daughters and grandchildren, and they have been so good, kind, and considerate in organising all of this.

Tomorrow we pack up and return to Melbourne and the next day I go home, in time to go to the opera on Monday night. These days together will glow in my memory.


VioletSky said...

Winter and snow are best in the brilliant sunshine.
What a shame there's no evidence of your athletic prowess.

Elephant's Child said...

As my nephew would say 'Epic fail on the camera dudes'.
But soooo glad you had a wonderful time.

Jayview said...
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Jayview said...

Oh I love snow gums in mist, and the way the rain brings out the colours in their trunks! I have cross country skied for decades but tobogganing would scare me, so well done. Happy birthday from a Melbourne reader. Jean