Friday, 31 January 2014

Home alone

The family has departed. My sister left yesterday afternoon. We had a good time together and she did lots of things, but my goodness, she is bossy. Actually they have all been bossy. I just sit quietly, crocheting away there. They are all younger than I am, and thus by rights I should be the bossiest.

Oh well! My sister did a bit of tidying the pantry, and turfed out my collection of plastic supermarket carry bags. I did a bit of follow-up tidying, and have disposed of the mandolin slicing gadget which I have never used, and the device which houses the plastic wrap.

It was nice to have them here,  giving me so much help. And it was just as well. All things considered. I really do appreciate all that the family did for me. It is a pity that it takes an emergency or health scare to get them here, rather than visiting for the sheer fun of it, and being able to gad about together. I am not yet up to gadding about.

Today has been fairly quiet. Three of the Knitting Group visited this morning, bearing a gorgeous bunch of purple and white flowers, just beautiful. It was lovely to see them. They are so kind.

The implant site is less sore, and I am sleeping better, but it is still very swollen. I suppose it takes time. The pacemaker seems to be kicking in less frequently, so I presume it and my heart are becoming accustomed to each other. I have another medical appointment in another week, to deal with the form required to have my driver's licence annotated.

My handyman rang this afternoon, and he will be here tomorrow. I will be glad to get all these various repairs and improvements done.

In the afternoon there is a birthday party to attend, for my son's godmother, so I will be negotiating the bus system. And I am considering how and if I can get to choir next week. Perhaps I will have to lash out and get taxis.

Generally I feel rather subdued and bashed about. It takes some adjustment, to realise this device will be with me for evermore, yet another part of the ageing process. And it was all something of an ordeal. But all's well that ends well.


VioletSky said...

Oh dear Persiflage! I am sorry to read all about these dastardly events. I was almost holding my breath as I read backwards through your posts to see what had happened.
I am with you on the family visiting - mine stopped in last week on their way to somewhere else, not necessarily because it was on their way (I am often on the way to someplace else) but because I happened to phone the night before and mention that I had pneumonia. And here I was feeling sorry for myself.
I hope things all get back to a new normal for quickly.

...and how did you end up with such bossy relatives, eh??!

ChrisB said...

So pleased to hear you are feeling better and getting used to that dratted device. I am sure it will soon just become part of you and you will be back to your old (or should I say young!) self!!! Take care x

Relatively Retiring said...

I am so sorry to read of all that has been happening to you, but I hope the pace-maker gives you a whole new load of energy and good fortune.