Monday, 8 April 2013


My daughter and her children are here and thus there is a lot of child-minding being done and to be done. We are almost at the end of Day One and I feel quite tired. Age has caught up with me, it seems. Shortly it will be feeding time at the zoo, and their mother will be home to do the insulin injection. Although I can do it, I remain somewhat apprehensive about it all.

The children have (mostly) been really good and we have had a pleasant day, with only minor hiccoughs. But I am tired and will be pleased when I can sit down and not have to do anything further. Not until tomorrow!

The local co-operatively managed classical music radio station does fund-raising by having a book and CD fair and their latest is being held at my local town hall building. I have been there a few times already and tomorrow everything will be half price. Most of the books I am interested in have been sold (only partly to me) but a few remain. I have bought quite a few biographies, and it seems they were mostly donated by the same man, who had put book plates into all of them. I must look him up on the internet, as his name rings a bell or two.

Such self-indulgence means that I have a lot of books to get through, and it somehow seems there is insufficient time for me to manage this. It's a worry. Oh joy, oh bliss, though, amongst the CDs I found  Marc-Antoine Charpentier's, Le Jugement Dernier and Miserere des Jesuites, Erato 2292-45174-2, which I already own, but which is a bit damaged. It seems no longer to be in the catalogue, so to find one undamaged is a great joy. It is probably my first choice of the music I would like played at my funeral. I will be listening, up (or possibly down) there. But I expect other opinions might prevail, once I am no longer able to argue the case.

One of my self-indulgences is music. I have a vast collection of CDs, and these days, aware of impending mortality, I am making a greater effort to play and to replay them, to get to know the music better and to have it in my memory. It is a daunting task, what with listening to the radio and to its selections, and also spending quite a lot of time out of the house doing non-musical things.

Over the last week I have had problems with my Internet connection, and have spent hours on the telephone trying to get it all sorted out. It seems necessary that I dance to some other' provider's tune, to get more, better and faster service, and so  my daughter and I (plus children) are shortly going to consult a rival firm, as well as to replenish the larder. All this stuff (not the larder-ing) makes my head ache and my mind confused, so all help is very welcome.

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Elephant's Child said...

Why cannot life be SIMPLE. I hear you on the too many books front - and keep buying them just the same.
I don't see why you can't put a codicil into your will saying what you want played at your funeral. My mother dictated the agent she wanted to sell her house which I thought odd - but at least we knew what she wanted.
I hope you get at least some rest this evening. And that the rest of the visit goes well and is not tooooo tiring.