Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Cause and effect

Some things are just not fun.

I am doing my tax return. Last year's, that is. What a revolting process and task! I need to be better organised, and to have proper boxes and files into which everything would be placed, in absolute chronological order. But instead, bits and pieces are here, there and everywhere. It must all be done within the next few weeks.  I am going to Melbourne, to celebrate my third sister's 60th birthday. My tax agent lives there, so everything must be ready by then.

I have never found that keeping documents and papers in order came easily. All sorts of other things can be well organised, but NOT the tax documents.

There are many excuses. Lack of time, too many interruptions, not enough files, folders and boxes, no secretarial assistance at all, and of course the fact that (thankfully) there are many more pleasant and interesting things to do. Thus when the dreaded hour arrives when things absolutely MUST be done, the result is little piles all over the floor, and a certain difficulty in placing things in chronological order.

I cannot find a particular receipt, so had to telephone the charity to beg for another copy. This has been sent, but I cannot print it, as all my connectivity problems have broken the nexus between the computer and the printer.

My daughter kindly left one of her wireless devices here, which means I have internet, but my devices are not all speaking to each other. I am changing my ISP and thought I would have to wait for another couple of weeks, but today was advised that the technician can come on Saturday. Later today they rang to say Friday. Goodie. I hope he/she and I manage to communicate, so that I know how to work all the new arrangements. And, a panic-stricken thought has just struck me - I suppose I have to notify the ISP that I am relinquishing that they are no longer required. I bet they charge me a cancellation fee. Perhaps someone has a handy guide to changing your internet service provider?

There is a certain human propensity to avoid the difficult and tedious tasks, and to indulge instead in things which are far more fun, infinitely more interesting, much easier and for which one's mind is far better adapted. This is perhaps what is meant by human evolution, but someone or something up there neglected to eliminate or simplify things like tax returns and computer connections. Not kind.

My time has been far more productively and pleasantly spent in making a cot blanket for the latest great-nephew, in fetching shades of blue and cream, and in completing the jacket I have been making at the crochet clinic. This latter creation had a few hitches in its making, not all of which were my fault. In fact the pattern had quite a number of errors in it, and thus I needed the crochet expert, to help me sort it out.  It is all done now, the buttons sewn on, it has been pressed it so that the corners do not curl up, but lie beautifully flat instead. IAfter all these months and all this work, do I still like it. Not sure .It is quite heavy - I must weigh it - and it occurs to me that the next masterpiece should perhaps be made with a 4 ply yarn instead of 8 ply. The only problem is that I still have a lot of 8 ply yarn to use up, and no 4 ply at all. Just  blue, purple, and green 8 ply yarn, as well as a significant quantity of mohair.

What to do?

Just keep on making blankets, obviously. And keep on reading. The latest Kate Atkinson novel, Life After Life, is absolutely brilliant and stunning.


Elephant's Child said...

Oooh. Drat you. I have been pretending that Kate Atkinson DOESN'T have a new book out, and now you have reminded me I will succumb sooner rather than later.
I recently (last month) took our tax papers to the accountant. Such a relief. Just the same you have all my sympathies - collating the necessary paperwork is a vile job.

VioletSky said...

I am useless in organizing my tax papers and have been known to find a useful receipt long after everything is filed. I then curse my non-existent file boxes or folders thinking I might have gotten a much bigger refund if I'd found this sooner. You are right, there are so many other more pleasant things to be engaging one's time with!