Thursday, 1 July 2010

Where to start? Where to finish?

The questions abound but the answers are scarce. Here is the news from Casa Persiflage.

The Rats. Baits are being eaten. Yesterday morning, it appeared that no rats had visited. However, this morning, another bait had been eaten, and there were more droppings. I got so sooky a couple of nights ago, worrying about rats running across my face and chewing chunks of hair off,  that I crawled into bed with Dr P, so that he could protect me from the rats. And he did. Shades of the Foggy Foggy Dew! There is a door to his bedroom, unlike my room, which is at the top of the stairs, and open to nocturnal visitors of the type that no one could possibly welcome. The rats have chewed chunks out the upholstery of Dr P's tub chair, which means that once the rats are vanquished, the chair will have to be re-upholstered.

What with the rats and the increased amount of care needed by Dr P, I am not getting much else done. We do now have ID for Dr P, a photo card from the Roads and Traffic Authority, and I am almost at the point of final completion of yet another form, but I need to see our GP for his report. My brother in law visited today - all in a bit of a rush - to help with legal matters enabling me/us to cope with the complexities of Dr P's aging and forgetfulness, and to help me handle things. It has been done, but took time, and also took something of an emotional toll on me. My brother in law handled it all calmly, patiently, honestly and clearly. He is a great bloke.

Of late, Dr P seems to have realised my sterling qualities, how much he needs me, and has become very fond and affectionate, which is all to the good. He got a little fright when I went away for the weekend   and underwent some sort of epiphany. We are talking more and understanding each other better.

Dr P is giving me a nice new iMac for my birthday, so I spent one morning earlier this week choosing all the various possible bells and whistles, and am now waiting for it all to be delivered. This is all very exciting, and I am thrilled to bits. A huge technological challenge will now confront me. Fortunately I will be taking regular lessons at the Apple Store and can also ring them up for help for the next three years.

The Internet connection here has become rather temperamental and episodic, and keeps telling me that I am not connected to the Internet. Perhaps it is Blogger, which certainly will not let me delete comments. The Apple people suggested it was due to the ISP, but the ISP tells me it is probably the computer. Who to believe? Having spent 39 minutes on hold waiting to get through to India, becoming somewhat  impatient as a result, I feel more inclined to believe it is the fault of the ISP, but once I was connected to India and was actually discussing the problem, the Internet connection did not drop out once. Just to make me feel both aggravated and persecuted, the connection has been dropping out ever since. Of course, I have no real idea what I am doing. Where are my computer literate children when I need them? You can see why tycoons have Personal Assistants, but, in my view, tycoons have much less need of them that I do. Dr P is totally ignorant about computers, so what use to me is the stereotype that says All Men Understand Technology? (Intuitively.) Ha! Perhaps, once the new computer is hooked up, it will all work magically. One can only hope.

My new great nephew having been born, I have been hard at work on crocheting a cot blanket of granny squares, in shades of purples and mauves. It is finished, all put together, blocked out, the ends sewn in, and it went to Melbourne this evening. I hope the baby, and his parents like it - if not, they are free to reject it and it could then be given to yet another baby great niece or nephew. It is quite probable that a blanket of granny squares takes far longer to make than a quilt, but this is a claim which I cannot prove. Now I am feeling slightly restive, and wondering what to make next. 

Finally, like all good women and people of good heart and faith, I am rejoicing that we have a woman Prime Minister, who is, I believe a person of sound good sense, great intellect and practical intelligence, and with her heart in the right place. I hope she succeeds in her endeavours to lead our country, and will help guide us on the right path.


Pam said...

I'm intrigued by the idea of a bedroom without a door.

On the other hand it never occurred to me that the function of a door is to keep rats out. Bleurk.

I'm impressed that you're even excited about getting an Ipad (was that it?), never mind being able to use it.

molly said...

Glad to hear things are going your way, more or less!
Rats seem to be on a mission to take over the world. Thimbleanna just blogged about rats in her part of town.....

Anonymous said...

YUkky rats. I thoght I left a comment earlier but it was eaten. Maybe the rats got it?

Meggie said...

Good grief! I have been away for a spell, and missed all this extremely nasty news of rats, and chewed furnishings. A terminator once told us rodents can dislocate every bone in their bodies, so they are able to gain access from the smallest of openings. They also like to take food away and store it for a while, before eating- hence they take baits and often do not immediately eat them.

I am so glad to read that Dr P is appreciative of your attentions.