Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Hippy birdie 2 ewes, and a fait accompli!

Part 1

Dr P celebrated his 86th birthday yesterday. His daughters rang and emailed him, and I put on a birthday lunch at home for him. He enjoyed it very much, and we all had a great time. He goes out so seldom these days, and it was good to see how the company of old friends and a little social frivolity restored his spirits. I shopped on Sunday and then started cooking. Our friend KP, who was my dear friend Viv's partner, came from Canberra late on Sunday, and he helped me next day. In order to fit ten of us, we brought a small table downstairs. What with Dr P's stair lift to dodge, this was by no means easy, and I could not possibly have done it myself. KP also went out and bought bread and coffee, which I'd forgotten.

I made a pavlova for dessert. Everyone loves pavlova! There is never any left over. Generally this is pretty easy to make, but this time the eggs would not separate. Four out of five eggs misbehaved, and so I had to go out and buy more eggs. Then I had all the cracked eggs to use up, so made an orange and almond cake. Evidently the cake needed more egg white than it got, as it did not rise well, but it tasted fine, and is all gone now. I meant to take photos but did not manage it, despite the camera sitting handily nearby. The table was lugged back upstairs. Going up is much more difficult. An extra male helped, but he's 80, and has a pace maker, and scraped his arm, which bled quite profusely, and I felt I should not have let him help. I wound up with a sore shoulder. Then I drove KP to the airport.

Neither of us needed more to eat. Just as well. My dash was done for the day.

Thus we were all cheerful and happy for what the next day was to bring.

Part 2

The purchase and installation of the new refrigerator resembles an Icelandic Saga in length and complexity, but fortunately not in bloodthirstiness and slaughter. As I recounted previously, I made a unilateral decision, and announced it to the domestic and general populace. The former protested and the latter cheered vociferously. (How else do you cheer?) Having missed out on the special, and because of the Christmas - New Year hiatus in purchasing frenzy, I had to wait. Finally it was organised to happen today. Dr P had a soft post-happy birthday moment and agreed to a new dishwasher. Instead of agonising about whether he really meant it, I resorted to the use of cliche, resolved to strike while the iron was hot, and hied me to the shop forthwith to organise and pay for it all. The dishwasher was added to the purchase. As it was on special and installation was free, it was a very good deal.

The installer arrived first to inspect the plumbing situation (parlous) and I emptied the cooking implements from my cupboards. He looked quite amazed at their number and variety, and I said rather feebly and defensively that I enjoyed cooking.

Then George and his little mate arrived with the truck and it all started to happen.
First the old fridge had to go. My sister assures me it was 32 years old and I believe her. No sentimental feelings arose, rather hearty cheers.

Here it is, still packaged. The fuchsia got a bit bashed around by it.

Here is George and his mate, with the dishwasher, and some of the packaging.

Almost in.
A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

The blokes finished the cake, and pronounced it good.

It only remained for me to put the cooking equipment back in the cupboards, and to fill the new refrigerator. Oh, the simple pleasures of life! I never imagined that filling a refrigerator could be so satisfying. You can see what is inside it. It is easy to reach everything. I am even tempted to photograph the interior. Dr P came to inspect it, and perhaps even he secretly admired it.
What is more, it does not make sudden loud and alarming rattles. And the dishwasher is very very quiet.

We had soup for dinner, in front of the TV. After dinner I finished the ironing. Now it is time for Superwoman to go to bed and REST!


molly said...

Sounds like a very satifactory day! By the way, which one is the thing of beauty? George, or the refrigerator? It's just not that clear from the photo......

Frogdancer said...

What a lovely two days. So glad Dr P enjoyed his birthday... birthdays are meant to be enjoyed.

Nice fridge, by the way.

Pam said...

The white goods loveliness! The sunshine! The very foreign-looking (but elegant) open plan house!

riseoutofme said...


Happy 2010 to you ... you've made a roaring start ... Oyt with the old and in with the new!

I envy you the brightness of your house!

persiflage said...

George is a thing of beauty, and certainly of huge strength. But I will live more happily with the refrigerator.
Isabelle, I find it a little weird to be called foreign! That's the other end of the world!

Meggie said...

So great to read of the happy days. I too, know the joy of new appliances. (I declare, it is nothing to be ashamed of!! We have earned the right!)
Happy that Dr P's birthday was such a success, so Happies to Dr P.

Zenom said...

It is nice to have nice things. Sounds like a very satisfying weekend.