Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The tragedy of the fires: we are all mourning

The dreadful, appalling fires in Victoria have everyone in mourning and wanting to help. We can't watch without tears. Our hearts ache for the suffering so many people have endured. Already millions of dollars have been donated towards relief funds - a staggering and superb response. It is wonderful to see people's generosity, of spirit, effort and money. The death toll is still rising - this morning it was over 170 - people trapped and incinerated with less than a few minutes warning of disaster. The fires continue to rage.

My own troubles seem very small, although real enough. I am so glad to have the support of family, friends and visiting bloggers. SD3 (kind) is coming for a few days in March and has offered her care of Dr P so I can have time away.

I am learning from it all, and intend to overcome meanness and pettiness of soul - my own and that of others. I am thinking on the concepts and reality of love for others and of forgiveness. Life is too short not to do so.


Relatively Retiring said...

What more can one say?

Pam said...

Well, yes. The fires are just ... Sigh.

Glad you're feeling a tiny bit more positive about your troubles.

Mary said...

Perspective is something we have all gained in the last few days.